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Reviews of Photo by Lagerfeld

I have a small bottle of the vintage...the old formula is kind of does have great projection and lasts pretty long...overall, I get the impression of strolling through citrus groves...a little lemon here , a little orange there...citrus with a mix of green feel and barbershop vibe...a nice throwback scent that can still be easily worn today...if you love citrus , you would probably like this...
May 7, 2020

Among his other roles, Karl Lagerfeld was a photographer. But this was no Beaton or David Bailey, his works were overblown mediocrities that relied on the impact of great size to distract from their paucity of subject matter, which was shallow and uninspired, like this perfume.
A huge burst of powerhouse fougère - which lasts about as long as one's interest in a 4 x 3 metre photo of bare tree branches - it then dissipates to leave a hackneyed residue of powder and aromatics.


Black miniature bottle with green text and no box
Jan 26, 2020

This review is for the newer version with the white font and even though I can guess just how much more potent the original could have been, I still really like what I'm smelling here. Longevity has been a bit compromised, of course, which is to be expected of the post 2000s juices.
The original formulation probably gave the weaker powerhouses a run for their money but the new formulation can definitely be applied with more indulgence.

An aromatic fougere type fragrance with a very attractive "mature-yet-playful" barbershop feel to it. Green and mossy with a tinge of honey that lends both its sweetness as well as sting to the concoction. The exciting Lavender and citric top is well complemented by the woody base that gives that great hint of "rose bushes buried in a back garden"; a green, dark and earthy kind of pungent. Probably one of the most successful and attractive use of aldehydes I've witnessed in a fragrance. Great for cooler days in fall and Spring.

Longevity: 4-5 hours for me
Sillage: Moderate
Feb 7, 2017

The vintage formulation of Lagerfeld's Photo always struck me as fascinating, different, and pleasant. The bottle resembles the Lagerfeld Classic one, but this is NO flanker!

Tangy, shimmering potion starts out oddly with lavender, which is usually found deeper in the fragrance pyramid. The citrus openers marry nicely with the spices in the heart and base. Hints at pungent scents like Fahrenheit, but with more greenness and far less intense.

A nice casual scent for younger wearers, IMO.
Jan 15, 2017

Vintage Photo:
Nothing great here. Kinda like milder version of current Ted Lapidus.
If you can get vintage for cheap go for it but don't spend over $30 /100ml.
May 9, 2016

Photo by Lagerfeld is a more than conventional masculine cologne with citrus, lavender, carnation, rose, spices and woody-mossy notes – shortly a fresh, woody-soapy aromatic fougère halfway Versace l’Homme (to which it is much similar) and Armani pour Homme. While the accords are conventionally “barbershop” there is a youngster, cleaner vibe all over, like in the two abovementioned fragrances – which are however both much better than Photo in my opinion. Everlasting woody-rose drydown. I wouldn’t say it is bad, it is nice and graceful instead, but also terribly dull and highly forgettable. Sometimes “forgotten gems” are forgotten for a reason...

Nov 30, 2014

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