Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar 
Tauer (2013)


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Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

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Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar is a shared scent launched in 2013 by Tauer

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Reviews of Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

There are 27 reviews of Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer.

sherbet version of lddm. Call it lddm light. As with most tauers, one gets a sense of how rose would present itself. Here it is more in the edible form and.. It's gorgeous. Love it how tauer takes this feminine note and makes it so wearable for men... I'm mean theres 1913, no. 88, black oudh etc.. However Tauer take a note from scent like sa majeste la rose and spins his dry wind magic to create this incredibly gorgeous floral.

The reviews of the notes above,I had a similar experience of an enjoyable opening over the first hour. The following scent development was nice, but to me read MASCULINE, and I'm a gal not afraid to snitch a spritz's of a guys cologne just to see what it does. On my skin after the first hour there was a bitterscent that doesn't suit me, almost a 1970s male cologne element, as it was increasing, My first Tauer scrubber. I'll leave the little sample as a gift next time I snitch cologne.

PHI-Un Rose de Kandahar - This is a beautiful fragrance. At the very opening I am hit with the outward edge of a rose expansion, but then is that not apricot? No I think it is rose geranium scent that is thick and luscious and blends together the tart of apricot and the expansive openness of rose. In the opening and all through the scent progression II smell and feel bits of tobacco along with some dry tonka. The tonka gives this rose tobacco scent a very dry wind over the desert feel. The dryness and leafy bits of tobacco warmth gives this an outdoor quality. As the day wears on the rose, apricot leafy tobacco dry base creates the illusion of a dry rose hued wood scent inside a winter sauna. I like this rose very much - a favorite.

A somewhat spicy, bitter incense beginning. I smell tobacco right away. I get a hint of cinnamon, a bit of almond. Fruits are weak, at best. Then, there it is - a flutter of apricot.

Rose, in many forms, personalities, winds its way in the mix. Rose isn't over-bearing here. I detect a slight boozy-ness as well. the tobacco disappears.

Mild rose fades into the base. It's a nearly typical, oriental base with its patchouli, vanilla, Tonka, musk, and amber-like accords and notes. Every now and then I think I'm smelling the tobacco leaf again. This is a lovely "safe" fragrance. It isn't as strong as other Tauer perfumes I've tried. It would make a great introductory to Tauer scents for those not initiated. The rose does last, by the way.

After having sampled a fair few, I'm beginning to think that most Tauer scents are variations on the same core idea. This one once again starts off with full-on incense, which gives way to the same oily rose that also dominates the middle of Une Rose Chyprée. Likewise, the dry-down reveals patchouli and ambergris, but this one is sweetened by more vanilla. With more than a tiny spray, this could be highly anti-social: powerful stuff!

I SO want to love this one! The opening notes fill me with the sort of delight that makes me immediately refigure my entire perfume budget. A tender rose all tarted up with spicy warm apricot--oh my! I fall in love each and every time I smell Phi's beginning. But then...then some sort of prickly and utterly synthetic chemical note/chord (Ambroxan? Iso Super E?) takes over and overwhelms the entire scent, pushing and shoving like a schoolyard bully anytime a bit of apricot or cinnamon attempts to raise its timid head. It's an unfair fight, and the smell of something unfortunately similar to rubbing alcohol wins by a knock out.

Call the principal. :-(

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