Pheromone for Men 
Marilyn Miglin (1999)

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Reviews of Pheromone for Men by Marilyn Miglin

Opens so very similar to Amouage Memoir Man. It has a continuing Bergamot bitterness that is slightly sweetened by Lemon Rind. Aromatic greens with a Camphourous edge and Whoa!! Frankincense dry spikiness.
There is an edge to this ala the Amouage and Heeley Cardinal. Honey? Perhaps a little, that combines with the Labdanum and Wood to produce a vague urinous animalic. As it settles whisper of a urinal, cakes and all.
Not nearly as "marking territory"as Kouros, however just enough to spark the Testosterone rush.
I wear it for my own pleasure.
Aug 25, 2018

Charlie clone. Neutral because it is better than current reformulated Charlie and is more like the vintage charlie
Mar 3, 2016

To my nose this is a light green slightly spicey fougere that is pleasant but in no way distinguished or exceptional. Sillage is very light and it does not have longetivity.

I would not consider it to be an economical purchase with so many other affordable fougeres to choose from.
Oct 1, 2012

I like this fragrance and I don't find it as offputting nor harsh as some do. It may not be quite lovely but it's in the ballpark. The florals are nicely handled and the green and herbal character meshes well with them. A definite throwback not only to emphatic masculines such as Van Cleef & Arpels (without their eye-watering strength) but also to classic chypres such as Royal Secret and Aromatics Elixir on the distaff side.
Aug 9, 2012

A skank-bag fragrance of the highest order, and I love it! I don't smell a lot of what the pyramid lists, and mainly this smells to me the way a true musk fragrance should really smell like: dirty and animalic.

This is a scent for a guy who isn't afraid to take risks in what he wears. Strong, skanky floral notes overlaying a brutal, scarily natural smelling musk is what Pheromone For Men is all about. This is truly unique, and it smells like sex. It's a hot blooded, dirty scent, in the vein of Kouros, only more daring than Kouros, if you can imagine that.

This is an awesome fragrance, but I do NOT recommend anyone buying it without sampling it first, even if the price is right. This is potentially even more polarizing than Kouros, and I promise you'll either love it or won't wish it on your worst enemy.

MY RATING: 8.5/10
May 16, 2012

Pherómone opens with a rather raspy herbal accord… There’s more scratchiness involved in the opening than can be explained by the herbal (basil – thyme) heart notes – I don’t know where the raspy tone is coming from, but I find it more interesting than annoying. I think my confusion might be confounded by the honey from the base of the fragrance, which supplies a sharply sweet, somewhat urinous note that clashes with the thyme note. The herbal rusticness is pretty much all I get from Pherómone. As with some other Marilyn Miglin fragrances I’ve tried, I don’t get much of a base: they seem to either be very short lived or they last but are linear. In the case of this fragrance, it has good sillage and very good longevity.

I don’t dislike the fragrance, but I’m not sure I like it very much, either – it will take a lot of getting-used to for me to get a positive feeling for it. It is interesting though… and unique. Like other Miglin fragrances, it is Miglin-unique and not a copycat of some other fragrance. Pherómone’s herbal scratchiness and slight dissonance set it worlds apart from the usual run of designer fragrances. It reminds me a bit of a gentler, kinder Sud Est by Romeo Gigli. If I had been doing a blind test on this, I would have thought it a niche fragrance…

Jun 7, 2011

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