Phenomene Verte 
Parfums Lalun (2012)


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Anything with the word "verte" (green) in the name gets my attention. Unfortunately, it appears that the sample I inherited is rather over the hill. I debated on whether to post a review based on this faulty sample. In the end, I decided to do so. This is the only review to date, and it may give a sense of what the scent was like under better circumstances. Also, it is useful to know that this scent appears to have a short shelf life. That is often the case with natural and artisanal scents.
The scent is barely green, and quite stale and musty. No florals, they are gone. Celery leaf (artemesia). Buttery amber, but not too sweet. Herbal notes emerge, especially thyme. Vague vetiver. When the stale note burns off, the scent is OK but not brilliant. Powdery dry-down from the amber.
Aug 18, 2016

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