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Lancôme (2020)

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Reviews of Peut-Être (2020) by Lancôme

There are 1 reviews of Peut-Être (2020) by Lancôme.

To my mind, there's good reason why Lancôme reveal just three notes - rose, benzoin, white musk – for this perfume. It's because it is so amorphous (and yet peskily persistent) that it resembles nothing in nature. A cheapo blast-force clean musk with a confectionary-sweet pink floral note (that completely synthetic smelling lychee-rose jobbie that keeps cropping up in perfumery these days) spreading like a blight through it, this seems almost like a calculated insult to the perfume wearer. Except that there will probably be many who will be charmed by this umpteenth iteration of a completely brainless shampoo musk. Once sprayed, goes on and on and – oh, do go away now! – on. Hideous.
Nov 21, 2020

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