Reviews of Petit Guerlain (original) by Guerlain

I find it difficult to believe this is for children?...
A replay on a traditional, French-style perfume - A traditional style Guerlain, actually. Vaguely reminded of sheer aldehydes, at first. Mimosa comes on strong after a couple of moments. The other florals mixed, lie close to the skin. Non-sweet for now...
Lavender rises to makes itself known.
Flowers remain, although light, for quite some time. Tonka never appears for me...
Until, a few hours later, then a little peek of tonka emerges.
Overall, a bit tame, for my tastes.
20th August 2019
Guerlain must have thought this was a great idea; start the little ones off on this creamy soap and baby powder, and when they grow up they'll graduate to ... Ivoire!
23rd August 2018

The opening is lovely: fresh notes, gentle citrus aspects, a soft lavender with hints of garden green in a rain - not a bright green, more the dark green green of a shadowy spot under a tree in a moist garden.

A flowery bouquet sets in, not for very long on my skin though, with minosa and a somewhat perfunctory rose under the surface. The end is a vanilla that is a touch dull and equally unimpressive.

I get moderate sillage with excellent projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant spring creation, well blended and quite subdued a touch at times. This is nothing special but not without nice touches. 3/5 - Just!
15th February 2017
Talky, a bit milky-soapy, a touch dissonant, slightly fat-buttery and finally rosey. Petit Guerlain is changeful and complex, smelling like innocence and cleanliness. The key notes are lavender, rose-mimose, something "corporeal" (a remote milky-animal  note that reproduces the skin's scent of the newborn children) and powdery tonka. The first, slightly angular, blast is herbal, hesperidic, a tad damp but since the beginning powdery. The powder is soon notable (after a short while) and starts to become delicately floral and ethereal (due to a wonderful gentle mimosa). Very evocative, almost ancestral. Hints of tobacco paint the powder while a milky mimosa is accessorial to the general "baby kind" soapiness. The dry down is slightly opaque and greasy (with a whisper of salt), slightly cosmetic and floral in the most delicate way. A romantic dive in the remote childhood.
19th March 2012
I just ordered this one based on the review. I plan to give it to my daughter.My guess is that someone in our household will love it.
6th April 2008
I thought I`ll give this scent a general view here, because I know some of you are intersted about it, and it`s a quite rare scent anyway.This scent was created in 1994, by Jean-Paul Guerlain himself, with additional co-work help from Olivia Giacobetti. This is originally a baby/children perfume, and it has two different versions: Eau de Senteur (non-alcoholic) and Eau de Toilette (30% alc.)I own EdT.Although it is originally marketed as a children`s fragrance, it is very interesting to see that Mr. Michael Edwadrs considers this as an unisex-fragrance - for adults, that is. Yes, it is listed even on the masculine side in his recommendation table, which I find very strange and fascinating.I bought this scent about six months ago, just thinking it would be interesting scent, and also quite different what I`ve become use to. And to be honest, I didn`t like it first that much, but now I`ve grown to love it.First, I thought my juice has something wrong, because the juice is quite different from the usual stuff: It`s a bit "foamy" and cream-like. But, today I know it`s just because this scent is, after all, originally made for kids, and because it has different kind of structure.Strangely, this scent starts with very "perfume-ish" smell: It`s strong, and it kind of reminds me of some classical womens fragrance. Still, from the very first moment it doesn`t really feel like anything regular.That sharp top fades quicly, and the scent starts to settle down. Floral notes are obvious, mimosa is definetely there. Actually, to me this is very much mimosa based fragrance. And I can`t detect any citrus, although there are claimed to be some.Besides mimosa, and perhaps some other soft flower, this scent is predominated by these very odd, very srtangely captivating "child/baby notes". Think baby-oil mixed with rapeseed oil and a dash of pure animal fat, and you`ll get the picture. It`s very strange smell, and it definitely leads me to the losted memories of childhood; it`s so weirdly familiar, but I just cannot put my finger on it exactly. Petit also has this baby-like note (yes, the smell of a baby!), which is obvious and IMO very much weird to experience.After the initial burst this scent seems to fade rather quickly from the skin, but it shows up to be very much false prediction: It`s almost frightening how well this scent lingers on skin, how long it lasts, to consider this scent`s charachter.And, this is the scent, which I can detect from many hours after application, often much better than scents which are consumed to be stronger with huge sillages. I guess it`s just because it`s such a odd scent, that it hits my nose very obviously.It lasts overall about the whole day, and to be honest, it can be quite disturbing. This is the scent which at it`s best calms me the most, but sometimes it makes me really nervous - Partially just because I can detect it so well, so long time.It wears close to skin, doesn`t have that much of sillage, but still it`s so clearly there. Late hour drydown seems to make this scent even better, and to me this is suprisingly complex scent with smooth developing quality.I don`t wear this so often, and almost only during the spring/summer. I haven`t got any comments, but I am hunread percent sure that if someone smells this scent on me, it will leave him/her wondering, even confused. This scent is anything like you would expect to smell on adult man like me. Perhaps, that`s the main reason I love this scent, among it`s stunningly soothing qualities.Finally, let me quote perfumeworld - the site I truly admire. This description is very accurate imo. See the strange, and completely unique notes; fatty and baby (!)Petit Guerlain (Baby/Children) : Picture 1994 Guerlain(L.V.M.H.) FranceOlfactive family:Fresh NaturalOlfactive description:Citrus Fruity Fatty Floral Spicy Powdery Baby
11th December 2005