Euphorium Brooklyn (2015)

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There are 2 reviews of Pétales by Euphorium Brooklyn.

This is an intriguingly beautiful opening, consisting of a mix of green notes and a floral basket, with the latter becoming stronger the further to drydown progresses. The green notes include grassy undercurrents with a bright, light moss superimposed; this is a light and bright moss without any of the darker crisp and harsh sharpness that characterised this ingredient in some other scents.

The floral notes a dominated by lavender, jasmine, hyacinth and a somewhat nonspecific rose, but all of these are friendly and bright and blend in very well with the green constituents of this composition.

Later on a shift towards a grapefruity note with an admixed bright vetiver shifts it towards summery citrus freshness; this last until the base when benzoin together with a white musk contribution let it finish on a slightly fuller note, without in any way being heavy or sharp; the musk is more on the restrained side.

The performance is excellent with moderate sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A beautiful creation; I am especially impressed with the impeccable blending and the very impressive natural quality of the ingredients. A summer delight full of creative twists. This house is impressive. 4/5.
Apr 14, 2016

This is quite a varied mix of floral scents - ten varieties of flowers at last count. They are light florals but the variety yields a generalized spring or summer floral quality that is bright, sunny, optimistic but difficult to pin down the character of a specific flower. Added to this field of flowers are several green grass or stem scents and a few warm glowing essences. Underneath all is a very light but low growling musk which has a dark coffee grounds low register and is a necessary indole element added to keep the flowers in a natural balance. It replaces the indole you would expect to smell in the jasmine absolute but was lost with the addition of so many other notes. There is not enough indole to make it dirty or in any way sexual, even though some of the promotional imagery points towards that - it's not there. This is not a compromising dirty floral. But, this is a very light floral fragrance, coupled with green stems and sunny ambers, a touch of indole and you have a refreshing fragrance that is uplifting but not totally innocent. Petales is not for me to wear, but it is definitely an uplifting experience to be around. I recommend testing it.
Jan 10, 2016

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