Persian Rose fragrance notes

    • Bulgarian rose, violet, myrrh, fruit

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Pure love in a bottle. Persian rose is spicy per se warm rose not fresh rose. This scents a very comforting rose that evokes imagery of a beautiful rose garden in the morning with the dew lingering on green leaves. It is green without herbal bitterness and luscious without sweetness. Similar to Jo Malone's Red Rose. Not quite bright, not quite dark, but somewhere in between. Wearable, subtle, charming, exciting, resinous, evocative and oriental.

The blend possesses the deceptive simplicity of a truly classic persian rose mixed with resinous myrrh and fruity notes that is perfect balance and the beauty that is indisputable. The initial burst can be overpowering but after that is soft. Once it settles it is almost linear. This charming symphony makes an unexpected love affair.suitable for a mature woman who is confident enough of her power in the world to wear a big floral not for shy. If you are a rose lover, definitely try this one.
20th August 2016
Pacifica's best! If you know or remember Balmain La Mome and miss it, if you are also a fan of Hermes Rouge, this one would be a lovely addition to your collection. It is undemanding and does not make any statements, it also is very politically correct despite the copious amounts of sandalwood. The packaging is quite attractive (I hate the word "cute", you know?), I like well-researched designs based on folk motifs in general and this claret rose shown in a traditional octagonal pattern just hits the spot.

13th November 2012

Persian Rose was recommended to me because I said I wanted a BOLD rose fragrance. I should have probably worded my request in a better way. Persian Rose goes way beyond bold into the MASSIVE range. I can't handle massive roses.

That said, the rose extrait used in this fragrance is very realistic. If you want to smell like several dozen roses all at the same time! Plus, I could not for the life of me smell any violet. I love violet and can usually detect even a small amount in a fragrance. Where oh where is the violet! The myrrh is very nice with the rose, but I just wish this fragrance was toned down a little. I like a rose that speaks clearly, but doesn't shout at me!
17th July 2012