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Perry Ellis (2015)

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Reviews of Perry Ellis Oud : Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis

There are 13 reviews of Perry Ellis Oud : Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis.

The opening is really stringent: when ClaireV said it's pure alcohol she wasn't kidding. It's rubbing alcohol for the first minute. After that, it settles into a synthetic oud that is...oddly pleasant. Is it a refined scent? No, it is not. There are no layers of complexity here that deserve unearthing. But I do find it to be gently, sweetly dark and kind of...appealing. Strange enough. It's the best part of the fragrance.

Powdery woody scent with notes of vanilla are gently dispersed throughout. The vanilla scent is fine...when you get it: but it's barely enough to pick up as it dries down. C'mon! If you're going to be a generic vanilla fragrance, at least throw with some heat. I got this on a recommendation from someone who called it an "underrated" vanilla scent: I'm finding this to be anything but the case.

All in all, this would be a very middling, run of the mill vanilla scent if it had some engine under the hood: the worst part is that there's very little projection at all, with moderate skin-scent longevity. The cost is cheap, the quality is cheap and....well, you get the gist.

Mar 16, 2019

Again, not sure why this had Youtube hype. Smells like vanilla baby powder. There is no woods, rum, darkness. More on the feminine side of unisex.
May 17, 2018

A sweet, spicy tobacco like interpretation of the Oud mystique, done tastefully and taking the usual deep smokiness of oud to a different, vanilla rum level.

More wearable for casual occasions, yet easily worn for formal ones as well. Perry Ellis' take on oud is akin to the explorations done by Atelier Colognes, where different angles are injected and presented as "cousins" to other oud flankers they do. That gives the buyer more options and more likely to find an iteration of oud that suits them. After all, as much as I am a HUGE fan of oud scents, I realize that not everyone wants to smell so smoky and sublime as the typical oud fragrance. Great outings from Perry Ellis!

Feb 15, 2018

A bit unrefined but still smells really nice. Reminds me of vanilla cookie dough with rum and just a small amount of tobacco. It does resemble more expensive vanilla legends.

Projects big in the opening and then above average over the lifespan of the scent, which lasts all workday. Best for cooler weather.
Dec 29, 2017

What we have here is Perry Ellis trying to create a oud fragrance since the rest of the universe is heading into that direction. Do they succeed in doing so? I think not!

This is your typical cheap, synthetic smelling fragrance that you could find in Macy's. The oud is barely there if at all, the vanilla is bland yet sweet & rather annoying to my nose. Typical for this house.

While it lasts a reasonable amount of time,
(8) hours & projects at a decent length & the price is perfect for what you are getting one can't really make to many gripes about this scent, that is if you are looking for quality than I would suggest you run for the hills because you won't find that here.

Over all I'd give this a average rating for what it is. Nothing ground breaking here, I would suggest this to somone who does not want to spend alot of money yet wants a somewhat of a Tobacco Vanille effect. Just dont expect this to smell like Tobacco Vanille. A pass for me.
Nov 11, 2017

I find this to be a very nice scent to be worn on any occasion. I would say this is a fall or winter scent (got it the 1st day of May lol) so I may have to wait for a slightly cooler day to rock this scent. So far I find it does have a slight synthetic / mall juice undertone but other than that it is a slightly boozy vanilla juice with slight hints of incense, oud and tobacco. For the price it is a steal ($30 US online discount sites). Enjoy!
May 1, 2017

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