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Perry Ellis (1985)


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Perry Ellis for Women (original) by Perry Ellis

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Perry Ellis for Women (original) is a women's perfume launched in 1985 by Perry Ellis

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Reviews of Perry Ellis for Women (original) by Perry Ellis

There are 4 reviews of Perry Ellis for Women (original) by Perry Ellis.

I wore this perfume for 10 years non-stop... Until it got discontinued... And I started trying to find my new signature scent, which I haven't really found since. This is by far the best Perry Ellis fragrance in my view.

I agree this is a bit dated, but still very likable. Very much a daytime scent, it takes me back to jobs I had in NYC in the '80s. I'm SO glad I picked up a bottle of the EDP in Filene's Basement a few years ago-- I'd hate to have lost my memory of this scent.

The aldehydes of the top and the civilized civet from the base come on rather strong and dominate over the fruit and floral notes in the top. There's not much sweetness here, and the fruits (I get semi-sweet almost like dried fruit types…) and florals (I get a tarnished bergamot) that were built into the top serve as background white noise to the aldehydes and civet. But the florals (I get mostly white) of the middle hold their own as they share the heart with the suggestion of warm opacity from the base. The middle florals and the base's woody / musky / mossy / ambery accord are presented in conglomerate form – there is little separation of notes, and I guess this is to be expected, because it is a ‘80s fragrance, after all. After the strong, rather aggressive opening, Perry Ellis EDP softens up – its various potentially powerful notes are kept well under control, and, while it is not a transparent fragrance, it exhibits an unexpected gracefulness that is quite attractive. It isn't at all girly, and it broadcasts a natural maturity, making it more unisex than feminine, as far as I'm concerned. It's a very nice fragrance, perhaps a bit outdated, but definitely a thumb's up.

It's happened again!! I can't believe this has been discontinued. It is, or was, by FAR the BEST of ALL the Perry Ellis women's fragrances. Very floral with a hint of musk with an underlying woodsy note. Why do companies discontinue their very first namesake fragrances? I don't understand it. Perhaps new personnel have come into the company and decided to give the company "new appeal" by discontinuing the "old" and introducing the "new." Well, to be honest, the "new" fragrances leave a LOT to be desired, whereas the "old" fragrances have character and at least last on the skin for more than 3 minutes!! I am appalled that Perry Ellis for Women has been discontinued. All I can say is what fools and how inconsiderate to those long-time admirers of this fragrance. It's not about the customer anymore, it's about $$$ for the CEO's pocket!

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