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Perry Ellis
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The first signature scent from Perry Ellis it is often referred to as
"Signature" for Perry Ellis' actual signature was printed on the box. [Sc]

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Reviews of Perry Ellis for Men (original) by Perry Ellis

There are 31 reviews of Perry Ellis for Men (original) by Perry Ellis.

Fleur de Booze, you damn
Old school weak oriental
Pre-Tom Ford For Men

Carnations fading
Softly into cigarettes
And tinkling glasses

Bar night time travel
Leather jacket mystery
Olfactive vinyl

Why you done come back
When you never went away?
You may be a bit

Light on the oak moss
Death, taxes and IFRA, boy
But you still got style

In your neighborhood
And the ladies still love you
So don't go changin'

On your damn fan club
Until you do it again
You old rascal, you.
Feb 16, 2020

I can't speak on the vintage formula of Perry Ellis for Men (1985) because it was a cologne. I was just more curious if it lives up to the $20-$25 price factor for a 5oz bottle. This is my review under Falic Fashion Group.

This fragrance easily explained smells like a bottle of cognac with carnation submerged in it. Only way I can explain it. What makes the boozy quality is amber, cinnamon, a lot of old leather, and a bit of labdanum. All this combined it has a smell that reminds one of cognac. The labdanum does stick out to provide herbal and slightly sweet-minty hints. So this fragrance smells brown and green.

I recommend Perry Ellis for Men (1985) because I think it's a very decent cheapie. If you removed the labdanum and switched with pine, and removed the carnation? it would remind you of a subtle version of Red for Men(1991) The sprayer is it's downfall which doesn't crank out a generous amount. 4-5 sprays will get 8 hours of low projection.
Oct 3, 2019

Unlike most of the users here, I like the newer formulation of Perry Ellis, but it is very different from the original vintage. The original sits on the lifeline between Jovan Sex Appeal and Giorgio for Men. As others have mentioned, fragrances such as Derby, Bel Ami and even Equipage are reference points for the evolution of this one. The spicy, leathery feeling of the vintage is completely removed from the newer rendition. While I do enjoy the subtle floral of the current crop, this is one fragrance where seeking a vintage cologne bottle is worth the effort. Longevity is stellar, the blend is top notch and each stage brings new pleasures. Excellent stuff.
Dec 28, 2017

Smooth, classy, elegant, well-balanced fragrance from Perry Ellis. Spices are not overpowering, and Perry Ellis for Men (original) is easy to wear for casual occasions all year round.

Gives me a Hermes Bel Ami-type response, with its woody, spicy fresh quality - though much more accessible in price range. A basic men's fougere that has a touch of yesteryear, yet is contemporary enough to be enjoyed today.


The Perry Ellis Red for Men (don't confuse with Portfolio Red, 360 degrees Red, nor newest square bottle version with same name from 2016), not listed in the basenotes archives at the moment, is basically identical to the original, same bottle shape except with red glass and cologne with a moderate amount of spicy fruity tang, provided by these berries, citrus, red apple, sichuan pepper, red leather, amber. Nice alternative to the original Perry Ellis for Men, a bit tricky to find online.
Dec 10, 2016

I wore this back in 1986 and thought it was the classiest fragrance I could ever possibly encounter. So I was quite excited when I saw that familiar shaped bottle on Fragrancenet! I ordered a bottle and couldn't wait for it to arrive! When it finally was delivered on my porch, I scooped it up, cut the box open, uncapped it, and gave my hand a spray! One sniff and I realized I wasted $20 that could have gone toward a fragrance much greater, like Derby or Nasomatto Duro. It smelled like the notes had turned. The magic was gone.
But, I still have fond memories of Perry Ellis Original, and the lovely girl who enjoyed smelling it on my neck. Situations and tastes are ever changing.
So, the bottle sits on the shelf near my closet door. Will I ever wear you again Perry Ellis? Quote the bottle...."Nevermore!"
May 19, 2016

I am a fool for BelAmi and Davidoff. After reading references to those two and seeing Perry Ellis for Men positioned smack dab in between those two on the Haarimann & Reimer masculine fragrances geneology chart, I just had to pursue it.

First off, know what you have. I obtained a mini Perry Ellis - Eau de Toilette with Parlux Fragrances printed on the underneath bottom label. Squat, with a black top, it is likely the mini to the version pictured above. I believe this is a fresh fougere fragrance, much in the same grouping as the more recent version of Burberry for Men. A nice enough scent but definitely not befitting association with the two mentioned above.

I then obtained bottles similar to the one pictured above yet with a white-cap topping, 'Cologne for Men' instead of the 'Eau de Toilette' as printed, and Parfums Stern on the underneath bottom label. THIS is the big honkin' leathery mossy chypre I was looking for. Green to spicy carnation/rose to leather/moss. Excellent performance and worth the chase if you're into old school masculine chypres. Worthy of being discussed alongside BelAmi, Davidoff and others in that group as well.

I'm 52, for reference. Fin 10/28/14.
Oct 28, 2014

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