Perry Ellis 18 for Men 
Perry Ellis (2006)

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Reviews of Perry Ellis 18 for Men by Perry Ellis

Great scent - clean and fresh...!!! Longevity is below average...

Perry Ellis has some really good fragrances on the market... What I have found is that most, some better than others, the longevity is below average. This describes Perry Ellis 18 - great scent out of the bottle and within an hour, two at the most, you are wondering, "where did it go?" 18 comes out of the bottle with a blend of citrus and spice notes that settles into a nice clean and fresh scent that is pleasant. Most definitely, easy on the nose..!!

Not much more needs to be said of the longevity - it diminishes rapidly and hardly detectable after two hours following the initial application. Not a real problem for me - I just pack the bottle in my briefcase and reapply as needed. The initial projection/sillage is positive, but quickly settles to just at the skin level. Even on the shirtsleeve, the fragrance is barely traceable following 2 hours of wear.

I will add that I am inspired by the bottle design, providing a different shape and look from the typical cologne. Nicely done..!! The packaging is above average and another step by Perry Ellis to portray a richness of the fragrance to those of BVLGARI, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and others. works hard creating a richness feel with it's fragrances.

The fragrance probably works best in Spring and Summer, but given the brevity of the fragrance, you will need to reapply often. 18 would work for just about any occasion and as you might guess, it is not overpowering - no complaints from your co-workers..!!

While I have not received any compliments, i.e. the Wow Factor, I enjoy wearing 18. I would imagine that compliments would occur if I did not have so many in my collection. If you can find 18 in the $20-$25 range, possibly cheaper, I definitely recommend adding to your collection. Yes, the longevity is lousy, but the fragrance deserves a shot.

All things considered, I give 18 4.0 stars out of 5. I like the bottle and the fragrance is pleasant. Try something new... You may like it..!!

Nov 20, 2012

Clean, soapy, sharp. Kinda spicy. Lasts for four hours on me. Very nice and inoffensive for the office and casual wearings.
Feb 16, 2009

Take the best drugstore fragrance youve smelled, and you may be able to get this. Minus the rubbing alcohol. its okay. I wear it to the grocery store. not a must buy. It actually smells good on the card, but as far as on the skin and longevity, nope.
Jan 24, 2009

I got this cheap, and I like it a lot. It's a fresh, kind of sweet, but elegant fragrance. I definitely recommend it, especially if bought at a discount price.
Nov 2, 2008

Very similar to Z Zegna. A little sharp, somewhat synthetic citrus/musk that is linear. Nothing great. Nothing terrible.
May 29, 2008

To me this is a nice clean just came out the shower scent . Not bad at all longevity is average and the price is perfect . I got the gift set for $40 and you can get it cheaper on Ebay . So a thumbs up
Jan 14, 2008

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