Perles de Lalique 
Lalique (2006)

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Perles de Lalique by Lalique

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Perles de Lalique is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Lalique

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Reviews of Perles de Lalique by Lalique

There are 22 reviews of Perles de Lalique by Lalique.

This isn't as delicate and gossamer as its name would suggest. It is undoubtedly unisex, green, peppery, with a wonderfully dark and solemn element that draws me in. The rose isn't antique, it is verdant, yet understated, a supporting character to the melancholy forest understory vibe. An almost a welcoming repose comes from wearing this scent, and it wouldn't interfere with the ambience of the outdoors, which can't be said for most fragrances.

I almost would consider it a spring/summer version of Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme.

This is the classic rose patchouli aoud before the combination invaded the market in recent years but compared to any Montale or similar scents, Perles is less musky and fresher spicy, more gourmand with a fruity melon edible note around the rose. The ISO 3 SUPER gives that woody, leathery, spicy, ambery, powdery, sweetness climax to the scent. The black tea and vetiver give a fresh green acidity to the earthy patchouli, and the black tea and the rose blend together perfectly, they are made for each other, just delicious! absolutely addictive to smell.
The scent seems to expand as the day progresses with different sides and the different notes can be smelled randomly. Unisex and a daytime nighttime scent.

After a decade Perles de Lalique still mesmerizes me.

On me, a mentholated cedar-pepper dominates the opening and combined with a full-blooded Bulgarian rose, creates a frosty rose that simmers like dry ice. The opening is really unique and I love it. In spite of the frost it's rich, not thin.

I love a good patchouli-rose perfume, it's sensuality, yet Perles de Lalique's take is unique. It adds elegance to the inherent funkiness of rose and patchouli, bringing some architecture from the iris. And then on top of that is added a sort of a bitchy quality. That's what clinches it for me.

The smooth, serene, slightly ethereal, cashmere-wood drydown is in keeping with the earlier parts, but woodier, warmer. The non-personal quality of cashmere wood matches the non-personal quality of the frosty rose.

My bottle is getting low and it's from a decade ago. I'm a little hesitant about buying a new one, that it might have been forced to change its formulation. So I'm going to buy a sample first to see if I still love it.

Now I know where Alberto Morillas got his inspiration for my beloved Gucci Guilty Absolute pour femme! From miss Nathalie Lorson!

I'm half joking here because these scents are definitely not the same, but what they share is this dark, sombre mood, created by accords of peppery rose-patchouli-leather-piney-woods.

It's a gorgeous gorgeous spicy patchouli-rose with leathery and piney undertones. Oh, I love this, too. I find it slightly sharper and less refined than Gucci, it's more grunge - but because it's not neat it doesn't mean it's not classy. It's classy in a very empowered and unapologetic way.

I think I should have tried it sooner, but I expected something very different from a white bottle named "Perles", maybe some white flowers or something very pretty and dainty, I don't know. This smells deep purple and dark green, maybe even black at times, and I'd rather imagine it called Onyx de Lalique or something.

A review of the Parfum:

A dramatic opening scene: a rich, dark, brooding and voluptuous Bulgarian rose combining with a spicy, shadowy and rich Bourbon black pepper - a delicious combination. Lashings of orris soon add extra depth to the opening blast.

In the drydown an iris evoles that has sone powdery characteristics at times. It is underlined by a dark but smooth patchouli impression.

The base adds a bit a a mossy note, which is very restrained on me. There is also a rather generic woods impression.

I give moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A lovely and rich rose-pepper creation for autumn, with especially the rose being of a very height quality. 3.5/5

This is mostly a clean, slightly sweet rose scent that finishes on the woody side. I wish my wife would wear this Lalique more often. Reminds me of when she wears Rose 31 but this one leans more feminine than the Le Labo with the extra sweetness. That feminine lean is also the one thing that keeps me from wearing it since it smells so good. It's almost addictive to my nose like Rose 31.

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