L'Erbolario (2010)

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Periplo by L'Erbolario

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There are 3 reviews of Periplo by L'Erbolario.

A lovely citrus green cologne that's simple and versatile without smelling cheap. It's like a fresh version of 1881 with the herbs less astringent and better blended together, on top of a lovely light woody cedar base. Amazing value too! Longevity isn't amazing but they do an excellent 15ml travel spray so topping up isn't a problem.

This is another traditional Italian style cologne and is herbal/aromatic in the same way as the great Italian colognes are. It therefore leans very masculine as well. It's like a more refined version of Pino Silvestre without the pine note, possibly due to the heavy thyme note in both (which I actually like). This just straight up smells better than Pino Silvester however due to the (to my nose) added notes of what I think are vetiver (in the spirit of Italian Malimia Uomo Vetyver) and bay leaf, along with rosemary and clary sage. The name erbolario means herb-gatherer and this is very apt for this fragrance, which is a herbal Mediterranean concoction. L'Erbolario is an Italian brand that makes natural smelling colognes and body products, similar to L'Occitane en Provence. It smells like I'm standing on the Mediterranean coast smelling herbs growing wildly. You will like this if you like masculine, slightly spicy herbal colognes without any sweetness. Sillage is moderate while longevity is moderate leaning strong. Overall it's a pretty fantastic Italian herbal cologne, the bottle is designed nicely with a good sprayer, and the sailboat box art is pretty amazing.


P.S. Don't be fooled by the sailboat art. This is a green herbal fragrance, and not aquatic at all.

Periplo (together with scents as Corteccia, Magnolia or Vetiver de la Reunion, to quote just a little bunch) is another example of averagely synthetic "decent quality" craftsmanship at the fair cost from the italian brand L'Erbolario. A fantastically cheap aromatic accord of hesperides (mandarine and bergamot more than others), smoky herbal pattens, jasmine and woods (sandalwood in particular), overall surrounded by a mossy-herbal, smoky and citric aura. Periplo puts in a corner tons of far more expensive similar fragrances around and performs quite greatly in balance and distincion. This fragrance is a diaphane example of how is not indispensable spending lots of money to smell refined. I don't catch the "aquatic" elements in here (despite a touch of saltiness exuded by woods imo) while all is woodsy (woody-mossy), vegetal and citric, with a final tad of soothing balsams and (not listed) leather (at least under my nose). Really herbal and intensely woody-hesperidic in its central stage, subsequently soapy-woody-musky along dry down. The Periplo's woody accord conjures me vaguely (with all the necessary proportions in terms of quality and structure) the exquisite Etro Sandalo (especially due to a common smokey/bitter/dusty undertone) but the great Etro's one smells less hesperidic, drier and more spicy-incensey on my skin. Furthermore, scent a la Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood, Versace Versus Uomo or V&A TSAR come vaguely on mind for several of their characteristics. Anyway, a great scent if you are on a budget.
P.S: You will surely appreciate Periplo in case you like scents as Cartier Declaration, Cacharel Pour Homme, 7 de Loewe, Boss Elements.

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