Our first New York fantasy neighborhood and a perfumer’s dream come true - to celebrate our 10th year anniversary.

Perfumista Avenue fragrance notes

  • Head

    • davana, saffron, plum, nutmeg, honey
  • Heart

    • rose oil, rose water, peony, jasmine
  • Base

    • patchouli, amber, musk, mate tea

Latest Reviews of Perfumista Avenue

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Bond No. 9's Perfumista Avenue reminds me of Aramis 900. I would list its notes as: dark rose; leather; patchouli. And while rose is the main note, it's not flowery, and it blends into a wonderful leather/patchouli scent. Something about it makes me think of Estee Lauder's classic fragrances: rich scents that are not for the timid.
4th May 2020
Blind buy from Zulily. Do not like at all. Sold on eBay. Smelled like old rancid roses.
19th June 2017

This is just another oud rose scent, released late in the game after Montale and others have (over)done the genre ad nauseam (and better). It has a harsh, synthetic woody base with some bitter, leather-like notes, hosting a big, dark, spicy-fruity rose. The fragrance projects like an anti-aircraft missile. It's soapy and masculine. This release is aimed at younger women who have never had the pleasure of encountering an Arabian oud-rose fragrance before. If you have the ways and means, delve into Amouage or Montale for your oud-rose fix, please. This one's just a pretender.
17th March 2014
Perfumista Avenue is a fabulous new addition to the Bond range. The opening gives you a fresh burst of my beloved "Bond Mille et une Rose Accord". It's the kind of rose that only Bond achieved yet. It is also present in West Side, New York Oud, New York Amber and also a bit in Bryant Park and Broadway Nite. It's this modern but yet sensual and classy kind of rose. Not dusty, not grimly, not green but not red either. It's a pink and plushy rose, that seems to glow without being vulgar. I just love this accord. Anyway, Perfumista Avenue opens up with the mentioned rose accord and also a noticeable amount of saffron and the famous plum note, wich we can find in a lot of Bonds lately, it seems to be a favorite note of Laurice Rahmé. But, as always, it works. It's not as strong as in Andy Warhol or Manhattan, but lends a nice and soft juiciness in the background. Initially, Perfumista Avenue shares many similarities with New York Oud. Both contain Rose, Saffron, Plum, Patchouli and Musk. The oud and the sweetnes of the honey is missing in Perfumista Avenue. Therefore, it smells more floral and clean than NY Oud. The initial burst of rose and saffron gets softer during the heart note, the sweetness gets a bit more prominent, mixing with a slight amount of other floral notes. They're really quiet, never stealing the spotlight from the Queen of the Flowers (the Rose). What I like a lot about this phase of development is the clean vibe. Some may say, clean fragrances are boring. Let me tell you: PA is clean, but far from boring! Some slightly spicy notes lurk in the background, velvet like in texture, they sneak up from behind, like an elegant black panther by night. It's subtle, but just enough to give this fragrance some "je ne sais quoi". Seems to be a great fragrance? It is! But there is more to see (uhm, smell). The base features quite a bit of patchouli, not dirty or musty, but clean and slightly earthy. Together with the remaining rose aroma, Perfumista Avenue develops a nice chypre accord. A clean, rosy chypre accord. The lasting power is excellent, as is the sillage. A powerful fragrance, worthy to be the 10th anniversary fragrance from Bond No. 9!
4th January 2014
This scent is Gorgeous and of very good quality, so far it feels like a blend of Bond no 9 New York Oud and Bond no 9 Signature with a prominent rose note which is a bit powdery.

The body cream and candle are also highly fragrant and addicitive.

Excellent longevity and sillage.

Thumbs up!
31st October 2013