Perfect Oud fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, coriander, Bulgarian rose oil
  • Heart

    • iris concrete, oud
  • Base

    • Alaskan cedarwood, cade wood

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Latest Reviews of Perfect Oud

Nicely balanced. Morillas is something of a quandry for me. Sometimes I feel like he does good work, and sometimes I feel like his stuff is garbage. He just does so much. You would hope that the stuff that a guy like that puts out under his own umbrella would be things that he thinks are great, but he never gets a brief that will allow him to use the composition he has made.

This is a pretty nice synth oud. I would have pegged some saffron here, but never the less, it is that type of synth oud that goes with the saffron so much. Think the floral type that sometimes comes under the laotian moniker. The rose here is a bit of a step back, and very well balanced. The cedar and juniper lend the medicinal nature of the whole thing a backbone, and leans it in. The interplay there supports itself like a house of cards. The iris is not something that smells makeupy or anything, it mearly lends a nice powdery clean touch to the astringent cleanliness. If the cade is there is must be deep in the back, and i maybe got a glimmer in the mid, but would never had put that in any notes without reading it.

All in all I was impressed, and surprised. This is a better composition than I see many times. It is not looking to be the most novel thing, but going for artistic nuance and beauty in blending, while using ingredients that seem high end, but not in the natural category, blended by a master perfumer who has a classical french training.
23rd November 2021
A surprise and honour to be the first one reviewing this here. This is a gentle clean crystalline Oud on a base of subtle cedar and the barest hint of rose. A masculine masterpiece. Linear and lasts 2-3 hours and skin scent after that for another couple of hours.
FBW and I did. The second FB in addition to Celebes Wood.
If you want something almost identical but with a much heavier Rose that ended up being off putting to me then the more expensiven newly released Golden Oud is the choice. However that is made completely redundant by MFK Satin Oud Mood Extrait (not the EDP) which is effortlessly better smoother and longer lasting. That is talking from a guys perspective. I can see Golden Oud being an interesting choice for a lady. Just.

Fragrance: 7.75/10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
26th November 2020