Perfect Coconut Milk fragrance notes

    • coconut, almond, orange blossom, gardenia, tonka bean, vanilla, egyptian musk

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I tried this reluctantly since I'm not a coconut fan. What a pleasant surprised. It's a warm, comforting skin scent which lingered for nearly 24 hours and the coconut is very mild.
4th January 2020
This is a soft, sweet, vanilla-coconut with smooth floral undertones, all blended to produce an overall effect of warm skin anointed with suntan oil. lt gets stronger & more floral over the first hour as it warms on the skin, reminding me of a mellower version of Monyette Paris, without the burnt sugar notes. lt continues in this vein, fading to a skin scent after around six hours.
lf you love tropical, beachy fragrances but find Monyette a little too much, l highly recommend you try this sweet, fun & comforting scent.
19th July 2012