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Percival by Parfums de Marly

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Percival is a men's fragrance launched in 2018 by Parfums de Marly

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Reviews of Percival by Parfums de Marly

There are 16 reviews of Percival by Parfums de Marly.

Percival is a great scent. Quality of ingredients makes this one a stand out. This is blue fragrance. This is fresh/clean spice. Well blended.

This is a year round scent. Top notes are fresh and citrusy. Mid Notes are floral and the base dry down is woody with a spicy edge.

Marked as a scent for men but can absolutely be worn by a woman especially once drying down.

Price isn't bad compared to performance and quality. Smells similar to Vodka on the rocks. I have them both. I thing longevity and sillage go to Percival. Smells like a scent you need to have!

The A+F fierce comparisons are spot on. I'd say they're 75% identical, especially in the dry-down. The biggest difference (on my skin) is percival has a salty note which lasts throughout the life of the scent. Sometimes it's a bit harsh and tiring, other times it gives it that sharp fresh bite that fierce lacks. Fierce on the other hand is sweeter and rounder.

After finally smelling this immediately reminded me of another one, to a tee....Calvin Klein Eternity. It might sound silly to some, but smell them side by side and tell me there's a scent difference.

If a MCU Spiderman film were a fragrance, this would be it. Look, this is what Tom Holland probably wears on set. It's young, hip and kinda playful in that way all these freshy scents tend to be, just like Mr. Holland. It's also moronic and kinda generic, just like Mr. Holland. Is it *bad* perfume? No. Just like the new Spiderman franchise isn't really bad. It's just part of the same overall formula we dumb filmgoers expect to see when we slide our credit card into the reader.

If you're looking for something darker, like Andrew Garfield's Spiderman, check out Bleu de Chanel, of course. Or if you want something more stylized and goofy, like a Sam Raimi and Tobey MacGuire collaboration? Give Dylan Blue a chance. Maybe you're more of a Deadpool or Daredevil guy, in which case AF Fierce or Montblanc Legend are your types.

But if you're going to spend the cash on a full presentation of Percival, then by all means, go for it. Who am I to tell you how to spend your money? I admire your conviction to owning every infinite possibility in the multiverse of blue fragrances. I'm sure the bottles will look perfect next to your Funko Pop collection.

If you are looking for a live jazz replacement this is it. Its a mainstream blue but i love the coriander note that comes to front here and its why i loved live jazz.

Percival is too generic for the PDM line. It's easy to wear, nice smelling, but not distinct in any way. Aromatic citrus top notes, over a lavender, violet mid and woody musk base, super amplified with aroma-chemicals, but in a deft and skilled way. It runs across many Versace, Montblanc and Banana Republic offerings but with five times the performance and ten times the price. I'll pass on it.

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