A woody, floral fragrance.

Perceive fragrance notes

  • Head

    • gardenia, plum
  • Heart

    • vanilla orchid
  • Base

    • sandalwood

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it is a clean scent , not boring at all, calming and serene. I absolutely love it. It has its unique signature and is not your generic "bergamot clean fresh " perfume.
1st December 2022
I don't agree with the people here... Perceive for Women is one of the best fragrances for women by Avon. It is very elegant, floral notes dominating this perfume.

I always thought that this perfume would turn a woman into a lady and a lot of the women I know thought the same.
27th March 2013

I first bought this in high school and back then it was quite popular amongst teenage girls as there was nothing like it. It's still selling which proves it's still popular but I think now it's quite dated as it is very strong and there's no floral or musky side to it. The trick is to only wear a little and you will appreciate it.
29th June 2010
This is my very first post on this site ( which I love,btw!) and I cant resist sharing my opinion of this fragrance. I liked the way this smeeled in the bottle. I wore it and all day I smelled eletrical wires burning! I thought my house was on fire or something! The next time I wore it I was in the car for a long drive and I was terrified that my car was about to breakdown.Surely with the smell of burning wires so strong , my car was about to srand me on th ehighway.I pulled over and actually got down under the dash and sniffed to see if I could find where those burning wires were! Third time I wore it I was at home again and iu finakly figured it out that it was this perfume that was reacting with my body chemistry! I went to my husband and said smell me and tell me if you smell electrical wires burning... he said " What the hell... why do you smell like THAT!?" LOL
4th July 2009
Fresh, HEAVY white florals and lemon accords which combined can give off a terrible aroma of the janitor's closet. This would work rather nicely if it was in EdT conc but as an EdP, it's too much.
18th April 2009
Instant headache! :( It's a floral. Heavy floral, with something like gardenia in it. I usually wait a while and see if a fragrance changes, but in this case, it was a scrubber in under 10 minutes. I tried! But a pounding headache does not make for a good start of the day.
23rd August 2008
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