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Jo Malone London (2012)

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Peony & Moss by Jo Malone London

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Reviews of Peony & Moss by Jo Malone London

With the exception of the "Intense" line, the new Jo Malone fragrances (those developed after JM was sold to Estee Lauder) have been a huge disappointment, and Peony and Moss is no exception. These are 2 notes that usually work for me, but Peony & Moss is heavily undercut by the same unpleasant powdery-green sharpness that pervades all of the new JM fragrances; it's the 'Guerlainade' of the JM line, and it is really awful. I was hoping for a green peony in the spirit of JM Red Roses (which gives the effect of the velvety flower and its green leaves), but this one was a scrubber after about the first minute. I gave it to my mom - a huge florals fan - but she doesn't really care for it either, and she, too, is a lover of many of the original JM scents.

There is such a huge line of demarcation between the original JM scents and the new scents in the collection (again, excepting a few of the Intense colognes that are rather nice). After sampling, and in this case, blind-buying the new Jo Malones, I've finally realized that they all share the same sharp base, and I'm not going to waste any more time trying to make the line work for me.

I am so disappointed by the new Jo Malone fragrances. This one did not wow me and I will not purchase it.

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