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Peoneve by Penhaligon's

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Peoneve is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Penhaligon's

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Reviews of Peoneve by Penhaligon's

There are 6 reviews of Peoneve by Penhaligon's.

A brief note of Violet leaf quickly yields to the hearty, heady scents of Bulgarian Rose, Peony and Jasmine. These are bright and lush, in full bloom. The fragrance then softens into a musky vetiver and Cashmeran.

One of my favorite peony scents.

I really hate to dis such a venerable institution, but yikes. I actively disliked this. A very harsh chemical rose opening followed by a civet bomb. It doesn't say so in the notes, but it is clearly there. For me there is nothing to it.
And then poof, gone. There was nothing to scrub or I would have done so.

Peoneve opens with a nice, sheer and delicate floral accord in which I honestly smell more rose than peony. The accord smells good, a bit restrained and prudish like a proper English lady. Few else, a earthy-woody note, and a slight dusty feel underneath. Initially quite cold, then Peoneve warms up a bit in a couple of hours, getting more sweeter and slightly deeper, while the woody note of vetiver emerges more clearly with a slightly moldy aftertaste. A graceful scent for sure, a bit synthetic and boring after a while, but with a nice touch of British refined melancholy.


A rich floral opening with the violet leaf very soon giving way to the peony as the titular main actor on the stage of this scent. A bright rose is added in the drydown, with the base adding a white musk brightened up by a touch of vetiver. This is a rich scent that is never heavy, never dark and a very well balanced composition. Moderate sillage with decent projection, and I get a longevity of about thee hours. A nice spring floral.

Opens with a huge bang and takes a long time to settle down. However, once it does it's a nice floral, but I didn't get much longevity.

This is a gorgeous floral. The opulent flowers are deep but not overwhelming, and are brightened by violet leaf. Peony and rose are very similar (to my nose) and they certainly work well in concert here. The flowers are well done and have considerable longevity.
After a while, the vetiver and musk join the flowers, and compliment them. The grassy vetiver in particular suits the rose note. This is a BIG floral cloud, creamy and dreamy. It is not a dark, brooding rose -- and thus perhaps will be of more interest to women than men.

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