Pentachord Auburn fragrance notes

    • cinnamon, lemon tree, sandalwood, ambergris, tobacco leaves

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Auburn is little bit sweet and fresh for the same time. Absolutely love this sparkle game of sweet and cold playful game. Underrated masterpiece. 10 years favorite. I remember the first time when I sprayed him on my neck and walking throw away from spring streets of Moscow in 2012. The records on my memory is still coloring. Thank you Andy for bringing the Auburn to this world. This unique experience dare much positive and rich feelings in mind, heart and nose. My 10 of 10 to you. Hope you bring back this creation with the same flacons and design. You should be knocking that some people love this scent so much. It's hard to believe this disconnected.
Vitaly. Moscow.
Thank you.
8th May 2021
Fruity with a cinnamon note, sandalwood in the drydown. All the components try to be discretely pleasant, but are pale and, I am afraid, plainly and synthetically dull. Not only discrete but weak.

Poor sillage, limited projection and six hours of longevity - even the performance is underwhelming.

No redeeming feature apart from the fact that it is neither nauseating nor sickening or cloying or overwhelming and has no trendy oud in it. 1.5/5.
2nd May 2016

The Pentachords trio is about Tauer's presentation of unusual accords using just five synthetic ingredients each. If Verdant was surprisingly evocative of rain-drenched nature at its most inviting, and White was a study in porcelain aloofness, then Auburn is Tauer coming right up to your nose to blow a mighty synthetic raspberry.
Boy, does he chuck his toys out of the pram with this one, with a perfume that rolls into one bubble gum, frooty scented erasers and those sachets of purple powder that when mixed with water yielded a tongue-tickling concoction the manufacturers chose to label as ‘grape' (though it tasted like no grape that graces this planet). Tauer takes all this magical childhood tat and presents it to grown-ups. The problem is, it is transportive for a few hours after which it outstays its welcome; one can tire quickly of too much fun.
The main player is a seriously morphed orange blossom note romping about in dayglo nappies which, I suspect, gives the impression of all that manic fruitiness. There's a rather nice sandalwood glimpsed at the start, which subsides into the background too soon. I get a whiff of cinnamon, next to none of tobacco, and the amber could be anywhere, being an idea rather than a defined scent to begin with.
Worth a go if you can last the course.
10th April 2015
This smells like the sweet sherbet of yellow broom flowers. These flowers bloom in mid spring and their fragrance is volatile, radiant and persistent. I usually detect them two blocks away from the plant on a still day. Sweet lolly fun they seem like a burst of artificial fragrance outdoors. I love passing them and sniffing them.

But I do not want to spray it upon my good self and walk about smelling thus for 12 hours (that's how long it lasts spritzers!).

Unfortunately the subtleties of tobacco and ambergris elude me. The late late dry down is very pleasant and balanced, but at the 12 hour mark is also almost undetectable. I want that dry down with a tiny breath of the hilarious sherbet.
21st February 2014
Andy Tauer is a fine perfumer, one of my favorites, but this one is so-so. It really gets better and better as it dries down, but it IS rather harsh on application. If you have patience and are just bumming around the garden or something this can be very enjoyable, but I would take basically any of his other fragrances over this one if I was leaving the house.
12th June 2012
Forgive me Mr.Tauer but Auburn is surely a no-go for me. Tobacco-Cinnamon flavoured bubblegum with the typical harshness of orange flowers. An immediate scrubber.
2nd June 2012