Péché Cardinal 
MDCI (2008)

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Reviews of Péché Cardinal by MDCI

A perfume that doesn’t mature well.
I remember feeling enraptured by Péché Cardinal when a shop owner sprayed it for me on a card – at last the longed for promise of peaches in perfumery, never quite delivered, seemed within reach. It smelled juicy, gently ripe and definitely of peaches. I mentally marked it as ‘must try properly later’ and a short while later ordered MDCI’s set of 11 ml sample bottles. Unfortunately, it has been some years since I’ve got round to testing Péché Cardinal – the bottles have no sprays and that for me necessitates decanting some into an atomizer as I don’t care for dabbing, and I’m lazy about such things.
Despite my sample having lain tightly shut all that time, the perfume that greets me is a much morphed thing – the peach is now a vague gum drop sweet fruitiness and the backbone of tuberose is now the main event. I get odd wafts of something like fresh coriander in the mix which unsettles the whole thing. Otherwise, it is syrupy sweet but wears light. Not the dreamed of peach I had set my sights on and now, alas, rather ordinary.
Apr 11, 2020

The peach is present throughout - from beginning to end, most strongly in the opening moments. Soon the coconut arrives, but it is very thin and perfunctory in my perception. In the drydown tuberose and whittle lily result in the floral turn that blends in very nicely with the fruity side of this creation.

In the base a somewhat nonspecific woodsy undertone develops with an overarching soft white musk. The latter has a lightly powdery characteristic that is the hallmark of a few of the products of this house, although here it is weaker than in other of the MDCI products.

The sillage is moderate, the projection adequate and the longevity over six hours on the skin.

Like other MDCI compositions this is a discrete spring scent, but is is a bit richer and has more colour. It is well blended and develops quite nicely, especially in the opening and the heart notes. Whilst nothing extraordinary indeed, the adequate perfomance pushes is across the line into the thumbs-up territory - if only just! 3/5.
Aug 29, 2016

As the name might suggest, this is a fuzzy, juicy peach aldehyde bomb — hyperreal and well handled. Usually peach plays a supporting role in a composition, but here it’s the star player, flanked by some tasteful florals and some plummy/jammy notes. It has an almost inverted Poison thing going on — as if someone shone a light to rid the Dior of its darker notes. Peche Cardinale is well done, kind of daring, and one of the few scents in this line that doesn’t fall back on genre exercises. The only real danger is that it’s only a couple of precarious steps away from plummeting into a gaudy celebu-muck hellhole. It never quite goes there due to a dusty accord that keeps the interest going, but it’s really fruity and really jammy at times. Although I think this is one of the more adventurous scents in the line, I do suspect that it’s a novelty and that wearing it would get tiring very fast. Overall, a great peach accord that’s worth a sniff just for the technical realism, but you have to be okay with big, jammy fruit notes to pull this one off as it’s going to very sickly for some people.
Jun 8, 2015

This fragrace was playing with my nerves. I liked it from the first time I got a whiff of it. ... Yet this is absolutely nothing I would normally go for. I like classy, spicy, elegant. This is lush, fruity,sweet. The name is perfect for it because first of all I felt like doing sth forbidden when I bought it in the end.... due to the mentioned fact that it seems not to be in my line normally. If You feel obliged to wear fragrances which are noble, elegant and demure, then this big tubereuse, coconut,peach concoction makes you feel a tad ashamed. Like a chic lady that You catch accidently during a holiday wearing hotpants... this stuff is sexy, lush, lovely, delicious and yet well done so you kind of cant get around it. It is that little sexy thing that you need in your wardrobe. addictive.
Jul 23, 2014

This is a bold fragrance from MDCI, if only because its description - peach and more peach! - makes it sound like one of a billion cheap celebrity fragrances with the same description. But no, this is nothing of the sort: MDCI's devotion to high-quality raw materials and good composition make this much better than that description might sound. Yeah, it pretty much smells like peach and nothing else - I don't even get the floral notes that are listed. But this is a rich, gorgeous fruit, nothing like the overly sweet crap one usually gets in fruity fragrances. Péché Cardinal has become my reference comfort scent: it's straightforward, beautiful, and just a whole lot of fun.
Mar 22, 2014

Fruit and white flower scents are not my preference, but the concept of Péché Cardinal appealed to me so much (I am a very ex former-Catholic-schoolgirl, and some ideas retain their hold on a woman’s imagination) that I ordered a sample, reasoning that if I were ever to be converted to this sort of fragrance it would be by one as well-executed as this. And it is indeed well-executed; the first waft of white flowers (lily predominating on my skin, only a hint of tuberose peeking through beneath it) with a bare touch of musk dries within 30 minutes into a sticky-sweet, nearly overripe peach. The drydown is saved from tedium by a thread of currant (though on me it smelled more of red, as in currant jelly, than of black) and a lingering floral background. The perfume doesn’t work for me at all—I find that my dislike of fruity scents is intact after an evening of Cardinal Sin—but I rate it at three stars because someone who loves luscious fruits and white flowers will probably like this perfume a great deal, and because its sillage and lasting power were both above average.
Aug 23, 2012

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