Peau de Soie 
Starck (2016)

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A paradox, a perfume whose femininity wraps the heart of man. A perfume that adheres and reveals a mysterious "space between", between the surface and core, known and unknown, which evokes the female mystery.  Ingredients, some clues: the cardinal points; unforeseen inclinations; female / male couples that attract and interact; game of seduction where the ancestral and modern raw materials, animal notes, and woody plant found a balance.

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Reviews of Peau de Soie by Starck

Peau de Soie is not an easy scent. It’s a floral - but venomous, bitter, and abstract. And like modern art or classical avante-garde, you have to work at it. There’s little you can name here : peach maybe, mandarin at the start?, dry - like iris, musky... There’s a feeling like rough silk, but that’s more of a texture than a smell.
Eventually, it resolves into something vaguely like hyacinth and mimosa, but that’s about as figurative as it gets. And then, over time, it loses some edge and gets drier and more textured – in the conventional way of things.
But this isn’t a conventional perfume.
It is like a modern feminine; synthetic slices of fruit, flowers and woods etc. but here the synthetic route isn’t pursued for cheapness, it’s done for aesthetic reasons - and it's taken to extremes.
There are actually no fruits or flowers in Peau de Soie, just abstractions; which makes it difficult to get your head around. The nearest thing might be a hair salon product, pleasant but neutral. But Peau de Soie is anything but neutral. As I said, a little sweet and fruity at the start but venomous and bitter most of the time.
It seems to be more than just simply modern; it’s not exactly postmodern but more hypermodern, ahead of its time. And like all things ahead of their time it’s easily misunderstood, which would explain why I found it in a discount store for small money. Peau de Soie is evidently too difficult for the casual perfume wearer and must have been a commercial flop, which is suprising because it feels quite similar to Narciso for Her; but the quality is much much better, and the theme much more interesting. Maybe the problem with Peau de Soie was, it was ahead of it's time - by minus 13 years.
Feb 28, 2021

Soapy, woody and powdery, with a bit of amber. There is nothing to dislike in peau de soie, and the name suits it well. An instant favorite that attracts compliments from the loved ones.
Dec 23, 2018

Unisex, in my opinion. Slightly sweet, wood notes. A dark musky smell. Powder notes border on masculine. Not make-up like, at all. Has a soapy accord. There are white flowers in here somewhere. It is a "safe" fragrance for public use.

Hours later on the skin, I smell cashmere wood.
Jun 26, 2018

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