Peau de Pêche 
Keiko Mecheri (2003)

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Peau de Pêche by Keiko Mecheri

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Peau de Pêche is a shared scent launched in 2003 by Keiko Mecheri

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Reviews of Peau de Pêche by Keiko Mecheri

There are 14 reviews of Peau de Pêche by Keiko Mecheri.

Peach skin indeed - that of a hard, unripe, white peach, which is to say the merest whiff of peach.

This is very very light. After many applications, I get the merest whiff when smelling my forearm.

It also smells very synthetic, as if I am smelling a chemical that has a peach skin-like scent. We are ages away from the ripe luscious peach of a vintage classic such as Piguet's Fracas.

Minimalist peach dissolving ito a light musk. Totally underwhelming, uncomplicated, and uninteresting to my nose.

I think the whole point of peaches is that they be dripping with goodness, nectarous and fragrant, with that gorgeous gradation of colours worthy of an erogenous zone (which made TS Eliot's J Alfred Prufrock timorously ask, ‘Do I dare to eat a peach?').
Not so Peau de Peche, this is all fuzz and tartness and hard-as-rock under-ripeness – like some nouvelle cuisine faddy way of going about a peach rather than succumbing to their sheer indulgent juiciness. There is a noticeable dose of some ambergris construct which smells a bit like vegetable peelings and a much more powerful dose of a somewhat lemony musk providing the backbone. This latter so drowns out everything else and smells so synthetic through and through that it brought to mind some of Jo Malone's more unforgiving ‘fruit' renditions. A toxic mimic to my nose.

Genre: Fruit

This is a remarkably accurate and literal rendition of fresh peaches. It's surprisingly natural to my nose and makes a simple, cheerful, and refreshing scent for casual wear in warm weather. Superior, by the way, to the much more costly Flower of Immortality from By Kilian.

Likeable, friendly, easy-to-wear peach-sandalwood. The orris and sandalwood don't make it powdery as much as kind of opaque and full. It's not overbearingly fruity or peachy. doesn't get high or shrill, stays very mid-tone. This strikes me as versatile, and easy to adapt for many different type of wearers and places.
The combination of peach and sandalwood made it kind of unique to me, as it didn't fall into a category to my nose, and it took several tries to see if I liked that amorphous, easy going, vaguely peachy wooded roundness. I was having mental problems with its lack of distinctness, of what was to me an undefinableness. Then I wondered "What's my problem, do I like it or not?", decided I did, and now I'm fine. :-)

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