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There are 1 reviews of Pearfecto by Gallagher Fragrances.

Pearfecto is Gallagher Fragrances' most recent releases, from early 2020, and is a fresh and fruity mix that that's aptly named, with featured notes of pear, banana, melon, grapefruit, champaca, and driftwood. The fruity mix is curious–I'm not usually a big fan of pear, but it's well-blended with the other fruit notes, the florals, and the woody/salty touch of driftwood. It feels like an easy, unisex summer winner that's bright and invigorating for the daytime, especially. It's among the most versatile and friendliest of the fragrances in the line, like Bergamust, but still with some idiosyncrasies like Fineapple and O'Fraiche.

Overall, it's very nice, and I'd say that even for those that don't generally like pear, this is something that should be tried. Like other fragrances in the line, the featured note in the name of the fragrance is not the full story, and this is a rather interesting blend that's quite harmonious.

Pearfecto is priced at $155 for 100ml, $95 for 30ml, with samples available, as well, and is sold through the Gallagher Fragrances website in the US. Particularly at the 100ml size, the pricing throughout the line remains very reasonable and for someone that loves this fragrance, it's an especially great deal to be under the $2/ml rate.

7 out of 10
Oct 7, 2020

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