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Slumberhouse (2012)


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Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse

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Pear + Olive is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Slumberhouse

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There are 32 reviews of Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse.

Tropical and boozy. Taking in the sunshine and salty ocean air as the warm waves lap over your feet...

"The ocean between out toes
The sun in our lungs"
- Josh

Pear Schnapps. Warm, thick booze. Buttery. The chamomile is divine here. It turns almost savory, almost candy-like at the same time underneath. I'm having a hard time figuring out any other notes. I think I'm smelling a nutty, olive oil layer. There is a reminder of kumquat, of all things. Regardless of what notes are here, it settles into a boozy, buttery delight with a skosh of wood. Well made!

What a delightful and interesting creation! I bought a split with a little trepidation based on some reports that it's extremely sweet, smells like a cheap pear shampoo, etc.

Yes, the opening is quite sweet and it's fairly rich throughout, but I'm relieved to get quite a strong creamy/salty presence to offset it, and I don't find it cloying, though I'd hesitate to wear this in humid, hot weather. The savory aspect is most fascinating to me. The association for me is air-popped popcorn with a drizzle of olive oil and salt on it. So it's "buttery" but not in the nastily overbearing movie theater popcorn way. Textually (and yes, maybe this is the name guiding my nose), I can totally get on board with a reference to that plush, soft, velvet-buttery texture that you get with high end, mildly brined green olives, which are one of my favorite foods.

I'll note that I like P+O a LOT more when I get a waft of sillage, and that's when I get more of the savory/creamy/salty aspect. The sweetness really dominates when I sniff right off the wrist, so just be forewarned of that.

Really fun scent! Anyone who wants something creamy and/or savory and isn't opposed to a good helping of background sweetness should definitely check it out. It's a very "culinary" scent, and reminds me of the creativity on display when a talented chef inventively pairs ingredients to make an unexpectedly cohesive dish...takes guts and skill to pull that off.

My very least favorite from Slumberhouse. And that's saying something since I am not a fan of their thick, dense, heavy-footed, pedal to the metal house style. Here, however, it is the sweetness, rather than the density that does me in. I actually feel physically ill when smelling this combination of pear and fig(?) and coconut and cognac. It reminds me of a very cheap fruity shampoo I once bought by mistake. Where, oh, where is the olive?


Wow...I finally tried Pear and Olive from Slumberhouse, and then find that it's been discontinued. I wouldn't care if I didn't LOVE IT!!!!! I want a bottle now and won't find one without being robbed in broad daylight. This is the buttery goodness I was looking for when I was sampling Mona di Orio's Vanille. While the MDO Vanille is nice, it has a sour sharpness during the wear that Pear and Olive doesn't have. This Slumberhouse fragrance is brilliant, and I wish I had gotten a bottle when I had the chance. Sadness...

Thumbs way, way up for Pear and Olive...

Floris van Dijck, Still life 1615-20

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