Peacock Throne 
Thameen (2013)

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There seems to be an overwhelming impression over at Fragrantica that Peacock Throne is a Black Orchid clone. I disagree – there is little of the truffly richness of that creation here or the beguiling murk of dark chocolate in the background. Peacock Throne is somewhat sunnier, with its compacted mixed florals burnished with tropical vanilla and coconut. The expression may be similarly chewy – the florals here have been rendered rubbery, dense, utterly unlike their natural representatives and almost-but-not quite gourmand – but there the similarity ends. For me Peacock Throne joins an ever-increasing line of perfumes (turned out by the Evodies of this world) that feel like scented pastes where the nose encounters an opaque muddle – a puzzlingly popular tendency. Here the distinction is that the usual fudgy sweetness associated with this school is kept well in check. It does open out a bit in the later stages, gaining a fruitier resinous aspect, but still fails to arouse my interest
Apr 30, 2021

I'm really getting into this house-- very expensive but worth every penny. This scent needs many applications to fully come to realize how good it is.
Actually opens like a peacocks tail, fanning out in many ways. Just smelling the opened vial prompts an outburst of "Wow!". I'd say I was going broke buying all these great scents, but I already have!
Apr 21, 2019

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