The fragrance is part of the The Peace-Love-Perfume Project, where perfumers were asked to create fragrances based on the peace-love-perfume logo. Ellen Covey says:

"The approach I took was a 1970s theme of peace and meditation, universal love-and-flower-children, and getting back to nature. The result is three complementary perfumes that can be worn alone or together. Because this is a commemorative project, the fragrances are being released as a limited edition, with a maximum of 50 full-size bottles of each fragrance in a numbered series. They will be on sale for a year from the date of release, until August 31, 2015." "The base of the trio, Peace is a thin wisp of incense smoke scented with transparent patchouli, benzoin, and a bit of real sandalwood. It’s light, something to quietly meditate on."

Peace fragrance notes

    • incense smoke, patchouli, benzoin, sandalwood

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The opening is great. This is the type of fragrance natural products do so well - dealing with the sandalwoods, patchoulis, frankincenses and other resins. So this wonderful deep, complex earthiness has authenticity and provides a deep satisfaction, as only the natural resins and woods do. There is also oud floating through the mixture, bringing a bright sharpness to the earthy aromas. While oud certainly wasn't part of the 70's palette, it's presence brings it into post-millennium, so this fragrance isn't entirely retro, a Peace for a new time. I wouldn't have minded if it was retro though, as in some ways the oud kept getting in the way of my huffing of the other deep natural goodness. Oud is made to smell best in the sillage, not as a deep sniff up the nostrils, while all the other notes smell divine when inhaling deeply. So there is a frustration of my deep sniffing urge in the oud, though in the sillage it all works. I think that is my one complaint about Peace - to someone who was looking for the retro experience it's not totally to be had. That old wonderful, grounding, meditatative quality of sandalwood incense, frankincense and patchouli was really hard to beat. Instead of dated, I think of that as classic - there was a reason it was so beloved.
Peace is long-lasting, earthy and wafting, a pleasure in many ways. There are no synthetic notes, and makes you feel good in your skin, walking around in an aura of authentic earthiness. The one downside was the over-prominence of oud. It kept it out of that comfortable mellow place the other notes took you, and while more cutting edge, I kind of wanted to exist in that groovy fog for a while. Wavering between thumbs up or neutral, but the truth is I wanted that oud out of there.
29th April 2015