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Patou Pour Homme (new) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, galbanum, pepper
  • Heart

    • lavender, jasmine, rose, tarragon, violet
  • Base

    • leather, patchouli, frankincense, amber

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My expectations for the new Patou Pour Homme were low, but when I sampled it, I liked it and bought a bottle.

When I was trying the sample, I didn’t think it smelled like Patou Pour Homme or Hugo. I just thought it smelled interesting, and pretty good. I couldn’t stop smelling it.

From my bottle, I’m able to pick it apart more, and it is like an updated Patou Pour Homme crossed with Hugo.

The notes from Hugo make it smell so different that it can strike the heart as a betrayal. But then if someone sort of likes Hugo, this could be perfect.

On top of being a better version of Hugo, into the base it smells somewhat similar to the original Patou Pour Homme from 1980.

In addition to Hugo, this also sometimes brings to mind Azzaro Chrome or Chanel Platinum Egoiste. It smells like they wanted to include some popular aroma chemicals from the 1990s, at least in the top.

Another thing: this is nowhere close to as strong as the 1980 version. 40% of the volume. But - it does smell like the original in the base. It is Patou Pour Homme.
29th May 2023
Has nothing in common with the original Patou pour Homme👎 then why they called Patou pour Homme? Worthless release! 2013 is just a very mediocre fragrance👎
11th May 2023

Now that the price point has fallen to well below $100 a bottle, this may be the best fragrance value out there. While it bears no resemblence to the timeless original, this is still an enjoyable, very wearable scent, in some ways more so than the classic, which at times could seem heavy and overbearing.
2nd May 2020
Forget about the name.
I believe the new owners of Patou should have called it something different.
It echoes the original yes, but it is all subject to interpretation, much like a retro modern interpretation of a classic car (VW Beetle et al).
It can easily become a caricature, depending on the perfumer. In this case, the end result is a fragrance that stands all its own and would have made a 'new' name for the Jean Patou brand. But... in the current atmosphere it would need a severe ad campaign.

Patou Man is the right name.
Bright peppery yet dark lemony opening. Immediately recalls late 70s and 80s but only as a cameo appearance.
The rest i a journey in true perfume artistry.

Worth a pensive sniff and a full bottle.
1st September 2018
It doesn't glimmer like the vintage Patou Pour Homme does, however, I believe it's recognizable as Patou Pour Homme, specifically a modernized version. On its own I give it a thumbs up as I think it's very distinctive and I really like the scent. It's still special.
23rd October 2017
The new formulation tried in the Paris flagship store:

The opening has a fresh bergamot-driven characteristic - not without being a bit restrained - and is mellowed by a fair dose of galbanum. He greenness I am also getting is a mix of tarragon with whiffs of a grass-like aroma. The result is a pleasant, but certainly not a WOW opening.

Lavender is present here too, and in the drydown it adds jasmine - not bad - and a rose impression that is really quite unimpressive in its lack of complexity.

Towards the end amber - average - and a soft patchouli- are appearing, but on my skin they are quite bland and never develop any individuality of note.

The sillage is moderate, the projection adequate, and the longevity is six hours.

The top notes are the part hat are well done in this spring day scent, but the rest never transcends the impression a certain level of blandness.

Compared to the original, the sandalwood, the gorgeous geranium and the oak moss are missing, partly due to being IFRA-sanitised. The new formulation is no longer a floral chypre, but a floral with a questionable attempt to mimic the chypre ingredients - hence the rather generic patchouli towards the end.

By itself it is all right. As a re-interpretation of an iconic classic, it falls short. 2/75/5.
25th February 2017
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