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    • Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood, Incense

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Profumum Roma fragrances are a bit hit and miss for me, so I only tend to buy the travel bottles when I am in Rome, and even then, only after repeated testing. The ones I like are a little off the beaten track of common praise; for example, I find the funky, feline cinnamon musk bomb that is Fiore d’Ambra to be far more interesting than the much-praised Ambra Aurea, and Dambrosia, while admittedly cursed with a vile pear hairspray opening, to be a better sandalwood fragrance than the brand’s own Santalum.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that while Patchouly is extremely pleasant, I find that it essentially splits the difference between an ambery patch à la Patchouli Leaves (Montale) and a chocolatey patch à la Psychédélique (Jovoy). The sole innovation here is that dry, smoky, but also sparkly incense that Profumum shoehorns into their more balsamic fragrances, which is always welcome. Then again, if I want myrrh, I can always buy some Olibanum or, if I crave that dry, leathery sparkle of a labdanum-patchouli-incense pairing, I can wear Le Lion (Chanel), which effortlessly outdoes Profumum at its own schtick. (To cut a long story short, I sold my travel bottle of Patchouly).
21st March 2023
From the very first sniff I praised the smell .
Balanced and well crafted.
It is piece of art .rich alluring classic and gentlemanly .
31st March 2022

I really adore this perfume.
Whenever I smell it make me smile along with pondering because of its suphistication. Very sensual earthy chocolatey moldy through mysterious smok smoky mist of incense.
Very glad of this blind buy.
31st March 2022
This is a real stunner.
I really appriciate its quality and uniqueness. Its a deep sensual patchouly scent with glimpse of sweetness through its veins .
Cacao on patchouly and woody notes in base its kinda classic but extremely modern. Its a masterpiece of perfumary make me more toward this house.
Performance is out of this world.
31st March 2022
Dry and Hard. Tough and thick. heeavy...
25th August 2021
Genre: Woods

A very dark, smoky, ambery patchouli, similar in general character to Mazzolari's excellent Patchouli, though a bit higher pitched and less leathery. As it ages, Profumum's Patchouly grows drier, with a very smooth sandalwood note that takes some of the sweet edge off of the amber. Over time the patchouli and sandalwood blend into a seemless, off-dry accord of mesmerizing beauty.

Profumum Patchouly remains an extremely viscous, decadent scent, one whose depth and animalic undertones speak of indulgence. It's too glamorous to suggest a head shop or a cheap oil lamp. Instead it smells like a dark, velvet-upholstered room in the back of some obscure, yet fabulous Asian nightclub. Rich stuff, and very enjoyable: one of my favorite patchoulis.
23rd June 2014
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