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Reviews of Patchouly by Etro

There are 29 reviews of Patchouly by Etro.

Alchymia. Perfumare. Magnum Opus.

Important note: The review is for the EDT edition, the EDP is another perfume altogether.

I realize the strength of the following words, but my spontaneous and honest response to the effect of “Patchouly” is “the epitome of elegance.” A symphony of delicate and unintrusive aromas. Distilled and enriched patchouli. Layers of refined tones and undertones. Taking a heavier and darker element like patchouli and sublimating it into an almost ethereal elan is a remarkable achievement.

This is one of those scents that you cannot simply decide to wear. “Patchouly” has a character without being aggressive. If you want to feel its beauty, you have to reach it. You have to correspond to the elegance and the fleeting refinement of the extended moment. And herein lies the true secret and value of “Patchouly”: elegance as the flowing essence between the unattainable and the present. “Patchouly” is calling you, it is not indifferent if you are with it, but it is also not indifferent as to who is trying to keep its company. It knows its value. Neither hiding nor showing, it glows, enveloping you with the gentle veil of a warm and damp night in grayish blue; its crisp crescent moon in silver; its abundant effervescent stars in purple. You cannot forget its kiss, yet if you want to drink too much of this love – you will be pushed away as undeserving. Yes, if you want to understand this scent, you need to understand the alure of the mystical elegance of night. Not so much the deeply mystical, but the ephemerally mystical. Part of ”Patchouly” will forever remain unattainable. A symbol of eternal love. And its deepest beauty.

It is now clear that ”Patchouly” was a love at first sight for me. I only regret that Etro doesn't reveal the perfumer behind it. I would love to know who created it.

Etro, Patchouly (EDT):
Composition: 8/10
Complexity: 8/10
Development: 7/10
Naturality: 7/10
Sep 18, 2021

Current EDP version is sickly headache inducing sweet, chocolate and lemon, but still has some of the green notes of the current EDT. Current EDT is a lovely but doesn't last for more than 1-3 hours, and has a very earthy and green feel. Slightly "dank basement" in both the EDP and EDT.
If the EDT lasted this would be great, the EDP is quite different and gives me headaches.
update: Having tried quite a few scents since above, I do think current EDP I sampled is better than say CdG LUXE patchouli (which is even darker and thicker, and annoys me a lot more). I re-tried the Etro EDP recently from the last of my sample, and I really like the smell, but it's still slightly bothering my head/nose and I find it a bit too simplistic.

My patchouli favorite is currently Intrigant Patchouli 08 by Parfumerie Generale, which has a certain richness and texture (including slight powderiness) that's reminiscent of Etro EDP, but does not bother me in the least. While at the same the PG has more nuances and excitement than the Etro.
Feb 15, 2020

Future Jason:

Alison liked this. Thought it smelled "earthy." She also liked CdG Kyoto. You like that one better.

A healthy dose of smoke, here. The patchouly vibe is there, in a way that is probably nicer than others. But it came off smelling vaguely of freshly-cleaned upholstery. Kind of like the smell you get when you just step onto a plane--the air dense with the smell of used-up fabric built to last. I bet this is what the nicer airlines smell like. But upholstery, all the same.

Look elsewhere.
Jan 8, 2016

Etro Patchouly is so far the best approximation of my ideal patchouli- my landmark being Lush solid deodorant Aromaco, whose “perfect” take on patchouli is still to be found in an actual fragrance or in patchouli EO.
The opening is not camphoraceous enough to my taste- but I guess my love for that note isn't that common!, but reasonably green and cool, with hints of mint, geranium leaf and a fresh rose. Then patchouli gorgeously displays its facets of walnut, crunched dried leaves, freshly dug earth and also some interestingly bitter inky notes. No sweetness, no boozy notes, only an elegant and refined dryness and depth.The base is a powdery, soft amber- musk leaning on sandalwood, enveloping, comfortable and long lasting.
A beautiful fragrance, perfectly unisex and great in cool weather.
Oct 29, 2014

Etro gives us a patchouli that is light and airy. Not weak in sillage or longevity, but a brighter patchouli. This is not powdery, nor does it rely on amber. I do get a touch of the head shop vibe, but this fragrance maintains an air of sophistication. I believe I may have found the ideal warmer weather patchouli! A must try, and bottle worthy!
Oct 14, 2014

The early '90s EDC version of Patchouly has a splendid, perfect opening of sharp, pure patchouli, carrying all its beautiful trademark nuances, from cocoa notes to humid hay. A raw, stale smell, dark and earthy but softened by that irresistible "classic" Etro's accord which is basically a really peculiar, mysterious blend of licorice, vetiver, tobacco, anise, creating a sort of smoky, sweet, rooty feel all around the main accord – patchouli, in this case. A bold balsamic-mint breeze refreshes the scent, perhaps together with lavender and a sort of tea note, mellow and slightly sweet-fruity. Nothing less than perfect: solid, compelling, deep, with a totally unique raw and earthy elegance, woody and distinguished, Oriental and shady, sensual and mellow. A must for fans of patchouli and of shady, dark and sophisticated fragrances.

Aug 7, 2014

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