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Reviews of Patchouli Précieux / Patchouli Antique by Les Néréides

There are 10 reviews of Patchouli Précieux / Patchouli Antique by Les Néréides.

Simple and straight-forward Patchouli scent. Unpretentious is the word. Some amber/musk/vanilla to settle things down a bit, but it's never overbearing. Quality and affordable, especially the older discontinued 'Antique' bottles.
Feb 16, 2015

Simple, austere, honest: in one word, good. Patchouli Antique is a totally good and respectable patchouli scent containing basically nothing more and nothing less than what a patchouli fan would want, with all its nuances: from earthy-rooty to balsamic, from stale-moldy to its dusty heart of cocoa-beans like notes. Pretty much nothing else except for a pleasant feel of warm, slightly sweet amber, mixed to a subtle and dusty musky note. Not too sweet, not too raw, just nice and cozy. Nothing really “antique” though, so don’t get fooled by the name: nothing decadent or nostalgic like in LM Parfums’ Patchouli Bohème or Parfumerie Générale’s Intrigant Patchouli. Still a totally good perfume, simple, rich, solid, probably not groundbreaking but an unpretentious, everyday gem for all patchouli lovers. It costs pennies, so grab one if you like this note. The longevity is a bit weak, though, but for the price and the concentration it’s fine.

Feb 7, 2015

Genre: Woods

A mellow, rich, and sweet patchouli fragrance with the barest suggestion of chocolate buried deep inside. Patchouli Antique is one of the softer and less adamant of patchouli scents, without the kind of aggressive projection and carnivorous bite you'll find in Mazzolari Patchouli, Black Aoud, Profumum Patchouly, or Bois 1920's Real Patchouly. Instead it's a more suave and cultivated patchouli, the kind that anyone could wear in public without feeling the least bit self-conscious. Oddly for a patchouli-heavy fragrance, it fades rather quickly to reveal a powdery musk and wood base that lingers as a skin scent for several hours.

Pleasant in the end, but disappointingly weak in character. I for one prefer my patchoulis much more dangerous.
Jun 23, 2014

An initially vine-fruity, then sweetly musky, patchouli that smells throughout like damp churned soil. No surprises here, just a smoothly attractive patchouli.
Sep 12, 2012

Headthrobbing memories of friends who wore hippy juice have made me give patchouli a wide berth. However, this fully rounded offering won me over. The striking thing about it is its maturity – an impression of being aged to just rightness like an exceptional liqueur, opening with a gorgeously mellow rum and raisin note behind which a voluptuous patchouli makes its entrance. There is dust and must, but everything is rounded and warm and comforting here – perfect for winter wear.
A scant application lasts the whole day on my skin which normally chews up underpowered fragrances.
Aug 22, 2012

This is not simply a patchouli fragrance, this is patchoulissimo. No frils, pleasantly unrefined, simple and extremely earthy patch with powdery/ambery undertones. Honest, unpretentious yet attention worthy for any patch lover...I stick with more complex interpretations of the main theme, but if you're up for a classic no surprise patchouli, check this out, this is quality stuff.

Apr 18, 2012

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