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    • lime, geranium, patchouli

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Reminiscence - Patchouli pour Homme
Made by someone with a long history of working in the refinement of crude oil petrol-products industry, this perfume hits almost as hard as the smell of ammonia. Excessively loud, crude and chemical smelling- this one gives me the physical feeling of nausea. Its has a petrol/oily metallic-note all through its structure: a metallic lime-note that smells like woodglue, hesperides with a sharpened knife-feel, rusty-metal flowers, and a tightened patchouli-note that's built from empty Coca-Cola cans out of a garbage-bin and smells a bit like mayonnaise. This perfume sorts out a strange, alienating effect- it makes me feel very unhuman an a bit sick in the stomach. Patchouli for men? More like- Patchouli for the garbage-can...
7th May 2014
Dejected little thing that emerges through some dusty lime. Some perfumes are perfectly blended, others perfectly muddled – this offering from Reminiscence belongs in the latter category. It seems to be forever trying to make its presence felt through a dense fog. Mildly spicy, parsimonious with the patchouli and covered in a pile of murk, this – while not unpleasant – is one of those ‘why bother?' perfumes.
24th April 2014

Neither an earthy/aristocratic heavy patchouli nor a massively spicy or sticky one, just a well made masculine flora/musky patchouli really elegant and subtle. It starts with a floral (geranium)/hesperidic/alcoholic (vaguely musky) modern spark in order to morph down in to a an airy woody/spicy (spicy/floral) patchouli with a touch of final musky/tonka and a boise vibe provided by hints of mossy labdanum and musk. Along the way the trail becomes smoother due to some soothing balsams which turn the whole composition in a really soft and appreciable way. Exotic, subtle, airy, boise, floral. A really interesting (a surprise) masculine twist on the theme of patchouli . The latter is discreet, lightweight but lingering and the final wake becomes masculine in a delicate way which is never too much virile or testosteronic. Wearable but without renouncing to a real level of elegance throughout the four seasons. Balanced and more than decent (rating 7/10). Durable and with a more than good projection.
29th November 2013
Thank God it's not the curry again! (but let this sentence not scare you off from trying the rest of them Rem's for men)Once again cedar and once again a bit acrid and artificial.A very slight development into patchouli base.I think at this point i'm starting to have a real problem with this acridness and biting artificial acid aquatic thing which i think is supposed to represent cedar but somehow just doesnt do it in a pleasant way.Because if one is still going to use it in one's creation,one should make the whole experience a bit more enjoyable at least more then in this Rem. Gone in 20 min.Still standing on reviewing Rem's Elexir de Patchouli which is...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (°o°) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22nd December 2009
Light, fresh, woody, patchouli. Decent longevity, so-so sillage. Lime top notes are fleeting, patchouli, geranium and cedar come out in the middle, then labdanum/musk with tonka bean as basenotes. Nothing terribly unique or mindblowing, but an enjoyable fragrance none the less.
10th July 2009
Exactly the same fragrance as the woman version but in a lighter way. So, for the same price, you'd better buy the woman one (which is a bit like an eau de parfum) ! If you like sweet but strong patchouli, this one has definitely no rival...
15th March 2007