Part of Molinard's 'Les Eléments' collection.

Patchouli Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

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Seeing as there are currently 242 patchouli's in the database it should be easy to find one that's more striking than this.
It's pleasant enough; the problem is, with a sweet underlay of vanillla and musk it's just a bit too polite.
21st November 2022
What can I say that Ed Wardian hasn't already? This is a wonderful, subtle, complex scent, neither overtly masculine nor feminine. I get dry, slightly powdery vanilla on the opening, then quite a quick shift to a briefly loud/obvious (relative to the composition) bitter chocolate patchouli which is then slowly surrounded by a light floral (dry rose petal?) and a greener patchouli leaf. Meanwhile the cacao note pulls back somewhat in sharpness and intensity, but remains the dominant element in the scent; the green and dry rose facets rise to prominence occasionally. This is drastically unlike any other scent I own. Patchouli is suddenly so interesting I can't stop smelling my wrist! Within about an hour that dry vanilla (possibly benzoin?) note returns beneath the others, this time with greater warmth. Hours later (sometimes 12+, depending on wearing conditions) the vanilla remains, along with delicate musk, very close to the skin.

This one wears quite close to the body on me and is light yet persistent. I'm someone who adores the scent of patchouli on others and have been known to put on a few drops of the essential oil from time to time in hopes of achieving similar magic on myself … however, without much success. This Molinard didn't quite give me that, either – but it did something else in providing a nuanced, artful perfume far more interesting than the solifloresque name and entirely inadequate olfactory pyramid above suggest.

I'm keen to try others of this Molinard line (in the purple bottle, not as pictured in the Basenotes entry) on the basis of this experience.
27th July 2021

Surely patchouli deserves more love, compassion and understanding than the peacenik stereotype it generally garners. The enhancing power of this ‘green leaf' continues to enrich perfume blends with its resinous, dark, musky, earthiness that resembles metallic, peppery wet soil; yet it barely receives any enduring love apart from being a retro comb-over for cannabis odours and hippie naturalism. More in part to its scent intensity, even in diluted form, a bit of patchouli does have a vigourous pull. Truly, its testament lies as a fixative note that often extends the life of other starring notes of the spectrum... Here from Molinard's “les éléments exclusifs” line, we have a featured patchouli theme conveniently placed in the heart of the bill that is genuinely balanced. Molinard Patchouli upgrades itself as an EDP concentration that is pleasing, sensual and mysteriously androgynous. The opening kicks off with the soapy, honeyed blossom of neroli and the rosy green nuance of geranium bursting out of the gate, snared heartily by the engrossing star patchouli that culminates into a hypnotic coppery aura; a truly, deeply, madly kind that resonates throughout the accord, revealing sexy leathery nuances till a base layer of a sweet musk, a dusty sandalwood, and a tasteful vanilla transition towards a ghostly cocoa finish. What remains is an alluring shadow play of magic that is seductive, bewitching and measured. Aww, to be tantalized!
29th December 2020
I find this to be unisex, classy and quite wearable. All this despite patchouli being one of my least favorite notes. It still has that dated/mature smell, especially in the opening. The drydown isn't as bad. Has a sweet, sensual, almost gourmand feel to it.

Projection is just average, maybe a little better. Longevity is very good, lasting all day on my skin.
23rd February 2020
really unisex, earhty and spicy patch...wonderful!
28th February 2017