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    • Patchouli, cedar, sandalwood

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The paragon of patchouli scents: this is colossal, slightly boozy, almost chocolaty, and utterly sensual.

Reminiscence Patchouli can dispel ones notions of patchouli due to its accompaniments of sandalwood adding creamy woodiness and tolu balsam bringing a cinnamic, vanillic hue to balance out the rough earthiness and mustiness of the patchouli.

This baby can be worn year round and is definitely unisex.
5th March 2022
A straightforward unisex patchouli fragrance that seems a little thin if compared to Jovoy's Psychedelique or Montale's Patchouli Leaves. It's in the same vein though, earthy with a velvet chocolate nuance. Reminiscence is much more affordable and still cuts through a cold day with style. A thumbs-up.
22nd January 2022

Bought a 200ml bottle and just received:
Looks like Brutus but has the strength of Olive.
I have a bottle of jovoy psychedelique to compare.
Don't believe the hype.
10th January 2022
Patchouli is the brutal crack of af a whip, followed by a soft caress,like the name Marlene Dietrich,but in reverse, this elixir shocks...and then seduces. patchouli is one of the most basic and most primal earth is one of the most polarizing notes used in fragrance,which is not surprising considering in traditional use in magical rituals both to attract and to both magical and spiritual rituals,patchouli is associated with the elemnt of meditation and spiritual practice,it is used for grounding and centering the mind.

This is one of the best patchouli fragrances.unlike the syrupy-sweet and accessible type you may find these days.a side of patchouli you can love is herbal and vintage-y,but without the common vintage notes like aldehydes and civet that many people dislike.Patchouli opens with a rich, resinious soft but not tamed patchouli, with just a hint of vanilla sweetness, that is coming from a combination of tonka and vanilla.the base is a deep spicy resinious amber / woody that is just gives you an " I am srong,I am competent vibe".it is incredibly earthy fragrance.the earthiness lasts all the way from the initial spritz until the fragrance is gone, several hours later.
6th January 2022
Released in 1970 and still going strong, Reminiscence is a stalwart of the scene - thanks to being a well judged compromise.

It's not a Hippy patchouli, although it stems from their penchant for stink-covering scents.
It's not a grassy patchouli of the Guerlain school, nor a stark patchouli like Santa Maria Novella. With a dose of Amber it takes the middle way; there's an edge of camphor but it's sweet and respectable too.

I can't confirm this, but apparently, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote 'a faultless style sends you to sleep [but] defects rouse and excite sensibility'.
It's the roughness that makes this interesting - where other Patchouli-Ambers may put you to sleep.
26th October 2021
This is a straightforward patchouli with very good balance between raw, green, earthy, woody, and smoky elements. In fact it is quite a bit polished in the sense that it doesn't come across as unfinished, however it's still reasonably gritty. Also, among straightforward patchoulis it is one of the best, and is a viable alternative to a good patchouli essential oil. There is a slight camphoraceous aspect during the first phase, however thereafter it becomes more settled on skin. It stays on linear, but reveals interesting facets of the material every now and then. Sillage is average but persistent, and duration is good at over six hours.

Reminiscence Patchouli is mandatory sampling for anyone, and a very attractive proposition for anyone looking to add a patchouli workhorse to their arsenal. Additionally, it is more affordable compared to many other patchouli fragrances on the market. The (somewhat) low rating, more than anything else, is reflective of personal taste when it comes to linear straightforward patchoulis.

8th May 2017
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