Mazzolari (2000)

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Reviews of Patchouli by Mazzolari

There are 12 reviews of Patchouli by Mazzolari.

Deceptively simple (patchouli-amber-honey) that is on the softer side rather than the strident like more hardcore patchoulis. The quality is top notch though. Always soft, thoroughly unisex, with very good longevity. A quality, real patchouli fragrance.
Nov 13, 2017

Mazzolari Patchouli is one of the great patchouli fragrances because of its mesmerizing scent profile that revoles, hand to hand and back again through three independent fragrance note players: (1) cool impersonal patchouli, (2) dirty, waxy, honey, (3) warm fuzzy amber - each of these strong notes rely upon the other for context and contrast. It is a reverberating tone that oscillates between dirty-but-cozy amber, and then exotic-but-cold patchouli with the honey as a bridge to connect these cold and warm cousins. The patchouli eventually wins the discussion.
Nov 4, 2017

Deceptively simple amber patchouli. This is a patchouli that is easy to love, even if you don't like that note. No harsh woodiness here; it is soft and round, wrapped in toffee and vanilla amber. The smooth creaminess smells like sun-warmed skin. Surprisingly good even on a hot day! Sillage is strong but soft, blending with the natural human aroma. The drydown is luxurious and sexy, both sweet and dirty, perhaps due to the animalic note of honey because no musk is listed. I like it. I like it a lot. Here is a scent I can live with, anytime.
Sep 21, 2016

Mazzolari’s Patchouly is often named as one of the best patchouli fragrances in the world, and rightly so, in my opinion. It pairs a particularly oily, grassy patchouli with an equally moist, rich amber, and covers the whole thing in a drizzle of honey. It is so rich and sweet it feels like sucking on a square of chewy butter caramel. Bloomin’ gorgeous. It’s not head-shop in the slightest – it’s a proper, old school oriental in the mold of Shalimar.

All the Mazzolari perfumes I have tested thus far have had this almost super-sonic richness to them, an old school sort of intensity that translates to nuclear longevity and sillage, and this is no exception. It’s like I told my Dad when I insisted on moving in with my mad Sicilian boyfriend at the tender age of eighteen - “Italians just do it better”. (Mind you, the Mazzolari has ten times the lasting power of a short but perfectly formed Sicilian).

It strikes me that this would make the perfect starter patchouli for someone who isn't quite ready for the more pure renditions of the note, because the patchouli here is not the dank, damp sort that reminds you of upturned earth and musty wardrobes, but rather a sort of outdoorsy, green-grass note. Anyway, the dry-down is all about the amber, which slowly changes from a luscious, toffee-ed amber a la Ambre Precieux to a dry, almost powdery finish with a spackle of resins remaining on your skin at the very end (a good 18 hours later).

Lovely stuff, and yet, if I was going to buy any of the Mazzolari perfumes, it would be Lui, hands down. It's all of this (Mazzolari Patchouly) and animalic sexiness too.
Aug 8, 2014

Genre: Woods

This is the good stuff: woody, earthy, sexy, and waaaay too well composed to smell like any dirty hippie. Mazzolari Patchouly is no less bold than Mazzolari Lui, but it’s a bit simpler. It lacks its brother’s barbershop lavender, the woody drydown reveals much less powder, and any leather component is so deeply buried beneath the smooth patchouli as to be insignificant. What Mazzolari Patchouly wears instead is a golden robe of honeyed, post coital amber, rich enough to be seductive, but never so sweet as to suggest dessert. As do most of the Mazzolari scents I’ve tried, this one has room-filling projection and sillage that hangs in the air through the next week. Don’t put it on if you don’t feel like patchouli for the next 12 hours either, ‘cause you’ll have to flay yourself to get it off.

One of the best patchoulis on the market, but not for the faint of heart!
Jun 19, 2014

Another stunning fragrance from Mazzolari: a rich, baroque, decadent patchouli very creamy and honeyed with ambery, earthy, fruity and waxy nuances. Some sweet spices take part to the olfactory ceremony and the more the development procedes on the more an ambery soul turns out for us. While the Lui's patchouli is virile, mossy/woodsy and "testosteronic", the patchouli is in here more royal, resinous and honeyed with hints of honey and incense. A precious juice.
Oct 9, 2012

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