Fragonard (2011)

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Reviews of Patchouli by Fragonard

There are 2 reviews of Patchouli by Fragonard.

This is supposed to be unisex, but to me it seems very feminine. It reminds me of something an elegant and somewhat prim librarian might wear. But in that way, it is charming, confident, and even sexy.
Jan 26, 2015

Tailored Patchouli from Fragonard.

A masculine but shared fragrance makes its opening with a quick breeze of freshness

The body heat soon release the truth - a well polished arrogance so expected from a Patchouli and Fragonard delivers by giving you the punch but with a well padded glove !!

This Patchouli is well controlled just the right amount of scream - smoothed around the edges.

The Caraway holds the middle notes and base notes together and this is possibly the slight powdery feel that gives Fragonard Patchouli its own pedigree - a tad GRAND.

Smart and impeccable packaging - I would have gone with a richer and darker approach on the packaging (it does matter !!!)

In a world where the individual wants to stand out and - there it is.

Probably not the Gym pick me up !!

No age limit here but DARING !!!

I think even some young "Goth" would appreciate the Caraway notes in this Patchouli.

To experience

Feb 21, 2014

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