Patchouli Ardent 
Guerlain (2020)

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Reviews of Patchouli Ardent by Guerlain

I tend to go all ‘hey, big spender’ with this one. I spray some on, it pleases me tremendously, so I spray some more, do something else for a little while, and then think, ‘Surely it’s time for another couple of sprays?’, and so on… This tendency is no reflection on the performance of the perfume, which is quite respectable, just my enjoyment of it.
Patchouli Ardent throws a fresh and succulent rose against a beautifully spiced and aged cedar wood backing, and the result seems bang on the money. Forget the patchouli; it’s an understudy, destined to wait in the wings. The magic here is in that oh-so classy woody base, sharp and yet enticing, with hints of leather seeming to emerge from the grain of the cedar, and beyond the pepper spicing, a touch of something sweaty like cumin to give it extra fullness and carnality. The rose, by contrast, seems light as a feather, floating against this richly-textured backdrop in a beam of light. There’s a classicism to it; it feels reassuringly ‘established’ and familiar – and yet it excites.
An interesting twist: go to bed wearing Patchouli Ardent and wake up feeling as if you’re wearing Kiehl’s Original Musk – the musk that was there all along in the base demonstrating its staying power.
Aug 17, 2021

First impressions:

Starts off with pepper and figs which provide a green slightly dusty feel specially when smelled up close . From a distance it smells quite fermented/ boozy with some sweet spiciness. The figs die down quickly and more of the patchouli appears with just a bit of rose . It remains quite fermented/boozy. The patchouli is not that dominant and it's not dark and earthy. It blends well with some wood and musk from the base notes providing a smooth blend. The leather provides a backbone. Each note plays it's role. I got a slightly above average performance .
Jul 9, 2020

I could smell this one in primeur from a vial in the guerlain boutique some months ago and it got me very excited. The patchouli here is soft and fruity. It comes around you to warm you up comfortably. It also brings some freshness before the woods come into place. What a ride! It’s got everything and it’s going to get you.
A real all-crowd pleaser which is going to stay original.
May 21, 2020

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