Patchouli Absolu fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bay leaf, Rosemary, Moss
  • Heart

    • Patchouli, Guaiac wood, Cypriol, Violet wood, Cashmere wood
  • Base

    • Tonka bean, Amber, Musk, Leather

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best Tom Ford I've smelled so far, along with Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather (better than these two IMO).

Dusty, dry (and wet in the same time) patchouli. That's basically it. I didn't really like patch untill I've smelled two fragrances: Givenchy Gentleman and this one. To be honest, if we're talking about patch, this one is better than Gentleman's. However, Gentleman is a more superior fragrance to my nose, because it's more complex.

Longevity is easilly 12+ hours, sillage is very good.
15th August 2022
The opening is a dank, earthy patchouli blast, reminiscent of damp, black soil. A very pure representation of the note. I didn't care for the dry-down quite as much, as the perfume transitioned and sweetened a bit. But still a solid offering from the brand for patch lovers.
27th May 2022

My first reaction was, "Egads! A patchouli fart!" Yes, the first hit is that eye-watering strong. Quite pungent. Nearly stings the nostrils. But, overtime, it settles down and is actually an excellent and artless rendition of the note, if fairly linear. Dirty in its own gentlemanly way but definitely not your hippy grandad's patchouli, thank dog.
20th May 2022
This should be used as a reference when a person wants to know what a gentleman is. Since this is the scent of the gentleman's soul-polite, beautiful, generous, ethereal, true to it's principles of love, nobility, and unadvertised manhood. Earthy patchouli, dark and deep woody with smooth classic leather. If you are not into patchouli, better stay away.

It opens strong medicinal, the patchouli trail gets even stronger near the end of the development. The woods are there, so nicely blend with the patchouli. Unisex? No! This perfume smells like a man who has had life experiences and treats others as he wants to be a treated. Tuxedo fragrance. If you're in the market for a masculine classic give this one a try.
3rd August 2021
Opens with a pungent patchouli. It is a bracing variety, not unlike the opening blast of Givenchy Gentleman. The patchouli fades fairly quickly, giving way to its earthy drydown, and bringing forward the cypress, with its borderline medicinal tinge. All this lays on a bed of leather and modern aromachemicals.

Broad strokes looking at this fragrance: it is patchouli heavy in the beginning, and while I like that, some may consider it old manish. The mid here is well balanced, and offers the best phase of the fragrance. I respect that. It slowly loses its balance from hours 3-5, ultimately becoming a little aromachem heavy, which doesn't bother me, but really just kind of breaks the retro illusion a bit.

Thumbs up here. I really enjoy the retro chic fragrances. Whats old is new, and bring the scents up to date with some new aromachems.
30th October 2019
A green, herbal opening blast with rosemary and hint of a slightly grassy basil lead straight into the patchouli. This is a bright and rather smooth patchouli, without any darkness or any roughness - and antithesis to the Purple Patchouli of the same house, although not without moments of earthiness.

Further into the drydown nonspecifically a strong cypriol is notable, and later woodsy undertones develop; and finally the base turns into a sweeter realms: dominated by vanilla and a somewhat bland muskiness.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

This autumnal scent represents a lighter take on the patchouli theme, but it is quite generic and a tad too synthetic in some of its aspects. 2.75/5.
4th May 2019
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