Patchouli 24 
Le Labo (2006)

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Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

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Patchouli 24 is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Le Labo

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Reviews of Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

There are 80 reviews of Patchouli 24 by Le Labo.

Superb smoky spicy start settling down into the dry down which is a mellower version of the opening. Eminently wearable and a better version of Czech and Speake's Perfecto Fino if you like it milder. If you like it more in your face then go for the latter. However the former is a signature scent. Just.
Longevity is moderate. Spray 3-4 on your chest and it will last 2-3 hours

I debuted this on a day I was flying. Possibly not the best choice for air travel, though the other passengers were protected by their masks. The infamous “liquid smoke” opening is a bit of a challenge, especially over the vanilla base. Eventually, that fades to leave an oddly gourmandish leather that tilts to burnt rubber if you get to close. Patchouli? Sure, but as an indication of the primary scent, it's a misnomer.

Final verdict: a fun ride, but I don't need a bottle of this.

Got Tar? My favourite leather smoke-bomb. Heck, my favourite le Labo. Heck, my favourite scent. I absolutely adore this. Those of you who miss the rubbery smoke that rules Bvlgari Black, welcome in. Not surprisingly ANNICK MERNADO is behind both Bulgari Black and Patchouli 24. Seek her out and you'll be blown away by her abilities with smoke and leather. WEIRDLY she even has Acqua Di Gio (PH) on her resume! It's like being Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber at the same time. Where did that come from??!! This opens with an inescapable and deliberately medicinal and anti-septic Leather. It's one of the most Realistic-smelling leathers out there. If you love the aroma of fresh leather furniture, and rubber accessories, you are in for a gourmet treat. It's leather + rubber on roids. Soon after, you will recognise this as an Amber scent. The resinous smoke, and old fashioned (Musky) vanilla confirms this. Ambers have the same backbone. This is leather and rubber soaked in something tart and vinegary(could it be oakmoss?), and presented in a tank full of smoke made up of dusty vanilla (Please do not confuse for candy vanilla). If you're a leatherhead and smokey amber enthusiast, this is way up your niche. This would be perfect in CDG's SYNTHETIC line. Niche, bold, Tar, smoke, leather in a syringe-with-needle pungence. Bulgari Black edited and Rebottled. No tea in this one. While Santal 33 is my most applied, Patchouli 24 is what I will keep multiple backups of, for private library use. It is the most addictive and stimulating. BUT it is everything a motorcycle gang is. Intimidating, unfriendly, full of smoke and pungent leather. (Thus)The chances of this being discontinued is really high; look at Bulgari Black. Thank God we still have Rien from ELDO currently. Mr and Mrs. Le Labo, Please make money from the rest and keep this one alive. No tweaks, no barriers, 100% Mernado, 100% Creative freedom. 10/5 stars. Reform, reform go away, little smellies Want to play.
No wonder the niche crowd is crazy for this. This along with Rien is my Holygrail.
“les robes en cuir de l'empereur“

I love this stuff! very off putting to some people understandable it is hard to be near someone who isn't into super smoked/birtch tar pepper insanity. Once it does dry down it really shines and that's went it might get some compliments-but again i love it all day from open to dry down into the next day like waking up in a tent and smelling the campfire smell.
People say they don't smell patchouli in it guess what I could care less it smells great to me regardless if there is a miniscule amount of it. Out of any fragrance I have worn this is one of the most I would put in the do not blind buy category. I was never into pepper in fragrances until I tried 24 now I love it I guess your nose changes along with your taste for food.
I can't say enough about patchouli 24 it's a all or nothing fragrance imo
You'll love it or hate it.

"Holy Smoke Batman!"

"NO. Holy L-I-Q-U-I-D S-M-O-K-E(TM) Boy Wonder!"

If'n you're into the eclectic, into everlasting birch tar leather that'll floor some butts if you overdo it... if'n so, check some.

What can you say really. An Intense, individual, stunning, not for everyone kind of scent.

Soak a piece of leather in vanilla and a Smokey single malt scotch like laphroaig, throw it onto a barely still lit smouldering campfire and stand over it.
That's what you get initially.
It dies down slightly and becomes smoother and has a slight talc/powdery note after an hour but still that smoke remains.

My new favourite for the winter months.
It's definitely not for everyone and definitely not for all the time but for the right occasion this is incredible.
I've only worn it once so far and that was for what I'd consider the right occasion - A cold family wedding in Edinburgh, in a castle, wearing a 3 piece suit, drinking many a fine scotch.
Easily one of the most individual scents I've had the pleasure of having on my skin. 10/10

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