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Tauerville (2017)

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Patch Flash by Tauerville

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Patch Flash is a shared scent launched in 2017 by Tauerville

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Reviews of Patch Flash by Tauerville

There are 5 reviews of Patch Flash by Tauerville.

A beautiful fruitchouli, as the name says. Good performances and it always feels like a guilty pleasure.

The amber and toffee mentioned below are related to my concern with this fragrance, and maybe any Tauer fragrance. I don't like them. I want to like them. They seem so cool and exciting with their charismatic perfumer and hip fans. But wearing any Tauer fragrance has mostly been a learning experience for me, and not so much pleasure. It's not torture either, though, so I went with a neutral.

This has the peppery style of patchouli that I smell in some fragrances. I think these fragrances often have leather in the notes list, which I think of as a peppery leather.

An all around, great patchouli-centric fragrance. Nothing not to like here. Woody. Darkish patchouli. Just enough "spice". Slight honey feel... Amber-like accord rises later. Hints of hippie, body-odor, woody things all mixed up. Like a concert in very hot weather, with the usual suspects, in the crowd. Strangely, it also reveals an odd, candy toffee smell, too.

I admit that Patch Flash is not an entry I expected to enjoy much. While I regularly enjoy patchouli as a heart and base note, as a component of a larger collection, I generally do not gravitate toward patchouli when wielded in dominating fashion by a perfumer. So in Patch Flash, as of now the latest entry in Andy Tauer's more affordable Tauerville series, there is a mix of elements that renders the fragrance quite agreeable.

It's some amalgam of fresh, green, spicy, woody, and even leather/animalic. As with the entire Tauerville series, a note breakdown is not provided so I can only speculate but it's a pleasant expression of patchouli that is dense but not too dense nor too focused on patchouli.

Performance is solid and the price point is reasonable, $63 for 30ml EDP. Patch Flash leans slightly masculine but is still quite unisex. Worth a try for anyone. I can't imagine most would dislike it but clearly the feedback is a bit mixed overall.

7 out of 10

Tauerville Patch Flash is a truly original take on a patchouli fragrance. This is no hippie patchouli as it is well blended with warm and smooth ingredients. The patchouli has a grassy aged old time patchouli aroma, noticeable mostly at the opening and this combines with dry spiced amber which contributes to a cool/warm chord combination that has nice depth but is also smooth almost like a polished leather. Reminds me slightly of LM Patchouli Boheme, but really this is a unique patchouli blend. The scent is agreeable to wear, mildly addictive and has me returning to my bottle for more wearing time. There is a bit of adventure in wearing something like this. The best flash yet from Taurville.

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