Elizabeth Taylor (1987)

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Reviews of Passion by Elizabeth Taylor

There are 19 reviews of Passion by Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor stars as Cleopatra,the cunning queen of Egypt who seduces the rulers of Rome.she rolls out of a rug and onto the floor wearing a chiffon dress of the roman uniform:red and she is making her own political power to Caesar. Cleopatra struggles to find balance between "politics and passion" head and heart in a man's world,a struggle that transfers into her clothing& scent.she uses her clothes as armour.her scent also her emotional giveaway,indicating her mood and deaires.she wears a powdery,smoky,animalic,harsh, stunning,complex,intriguing, intoxicating and incredibly sexy scent during romantic or passionate interactions.

The costome of Cleopatra is unmistakable:gold, heavy adornments,lavish headdress, dramatic makeup.The egyptian goddess is known for being incredibly powerful,sensual, protective and as figures of superior beauty.her connection to her inner goddess through sensual acts such as batching and being pampered,as well as surrounding herself with women and flowers. sartorially,Cleopatra also embraces her goddess.
She struggling to find a stable place between royalty,motherhood and being a wife and lover. despite recognising her own power,resilience,loyalty and drive.Cleopatra's biological sex prohibits others and men from not only seeing her as superior,but equal:both rulers of rome protest when they are first asked and then demanded to kneel before her.both men separate Cleopatra's identities:she is either a woman and their lover,or she is the Egyptian Queen-- never both.sadly it's only in death that she is presented as equal.lying on an altar,dressed in the gold phoenix wings with throne headdress and symbols crossed over her chest...
Jan 5, 2021

Love this one. Dark, sensuous and perfect as a bedtime scent. As I toss and tun all night I enjoy the subtle whiff and it comforts me as I sleep. This and Obsession for women are my two go to scents at bedtime.
Dec 17, 2020

Best frag of all time, dark, smoky, intense, everything I look for in perfume. Definitely could call it sexy. Perfect for a special evening out or in ;)
Mar 30, 2019

What a hypocrite I am! How do I have the gall to criticize the sticky sweet lolly fumes and not only give this a pass, but give it a spritz or two on my neck and head out the door feeling like a queen?

I can't explain the strange attraction I have to this scent because all I really get is sweet, (and did I mention SWEET?) jasmine incense. That's it, but apparently that is enough to trigger the pleasure center in my brain.

BTW: I am speaking of the reformulated version. I also wore and loved the much richer vintage. To this day, this is the only ET perfume I cared about. The men's version, while equally wonderful in a completely different way, is also a love, but, alas, only on a man. My skin does it no justice whatsoever.

Edited to add: In watching some of Martin Short's brilliant Jiminy Glick videos, he has referenced this fragrance (more than once) in true, hilariously insulting Jiminy Glick style. While it tickles my funny bone, it doesn't influence my opinion one whit!
Sep 3, 2016

One would have thought that Taylor's first scent would have been above the ordinary, a star and celebrity in and of itself, like its creator. No such luck.

This is a "safe" scent - warm and powdery, with the amber, musk and sandalwood supporting the floral melange of gardenia (tuberose actually), rose, muguet, jasmine and ylang. More of a scent your mother or grandmother might wear, even back in the late 80s, when this debuted.

Think Avon or the drugstore Coty scents - hundreds of them, cheaply and mass produced, all nice, for the most part, but none of them outstanding.

Not bad, just not particularly good.
Jun 10, 2015

A little Passion goes a LONG way!
If I apply a dab or two to wrists it envelops with a complicated, rather sweet mix of floral with spice as well as musky undertones....a teeny bit like an explosion in a perfume factory, mayhaps.

But I like a few dabs before bedtime on a cold night....
Nov 20, 2012

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