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    • amber, sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, Fir Balsam

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This fragrance offers an interesting blend of sandalwood and balsam fir with a hint of booziness that's not overpowering enough to make it overly sweet. It's a pleasant surprise, as I initially thought it might turn into a typical synthetic amberwood scent. Sandalwood lovers should definitely give it a try.

Performance and longevity are impressive. It's difficult to compare this parfum to the original, as they have very distinct differences. The parfum has a modern and versatile feel, while the original has an old-school barbershop vibe. While I've encountered similar scents that I prefer, that's not to say that this is a boring or mediocre fragrance. If I caught a whiff of someone wearing it on the street, I'd be pleased.
15th December 2022
A great balance between masculine spice and gourmand heaven. You have to try it with an open mind and not expecting the original smell or anything alike since this is not a flanker. Opens with a moderate to a strong projection that is a little bit synthetic with a alcoholic blast. The cinnamon, liquor, and balsam fir are the prominent opening notes.

As time passes, the tonka develops, acquiring it's characteristic sweet, vanilla, caramel-like. The amber does surface adding it's resinous sweet, warm, dry, and honeyed accord. The sandalwood is a support note, a faint woody touch that remains in the far back of the fragrance. Totally Pasha de Cartier Parfum is sweet, spicy, balsamic, boozy, masculine, delectable and ekegant. It is very well done and smells really good and i do believe it will make a good choice for a night out.
15th April 2022

A boozy, coconutty synth-sandalwood with a bit of tastefully applied spice. It's straightforward, but still elegant and pleasing. It displays a refinement and style that doesn't often show up in mainstream designer releases, suggestive of more niche profiles.

Laurent's composition nods to the original Pasha in a few respects (the spiciness in the opening, the sort of creamy sensation in the mid), but it isn't a meaningful sibling and is better regarded as a standalone.
19th August 2021
Very similar to Stash by SJP, but a little more masculine. The creamy, rich sandalwood is almost boozy. I really like this because it's quite pleasant but not the usual new release that just seems to be a rehash of some bestseller.

Very good performance with adequate projection and longevity lasting most of the day. Feels a little heavy so wear lightly or spray as normal in cooler temps.
4th November 2020
A fantastic juice from start to finish. A slightly sweet sandalwood whiskey vibe with tonka and maybe vanilla to my nose. I see where ZC mentioned it could have been a flanker in the L'Envol line and I would agree. Although this isn't honey sweet to my nose it does have that L'Envol "vibe". For the price this is spectacular. Not to overbearing nor super sweet. If you can sample go for it... once you do I think you will probably be looking to make a purchase. Enjoy!
27th October 2020
Interesting, and a massive compliment getter. Pasha EDP isn't really my style, it's thick and dense, the notes aren't really what I get, but boy does it garner reactions. i think sometimes, we all want a fragrance that just gets us noticed, even if we don't like the smell necessarily, it eventually grows on us. That's my relationship with Pasha EDP.

From the top, it reminds me of a more masculine, more woody Baccarat Rouge 540. The top is insanely strong, I have used 2 sprays and filled an entire 3,000 sq ft house. Not only is it strong, but insanely aromatic. It spreads through the air like wildfire, so just be careful with this one. Eventually the overly ripe fruity notes dwindle down and this becomes more of a sandalwood dominant scent. I don't find much, if any similarity to the original, but I do find some similarity to Chanel Egoiste. I get bits and pieces of many old school fragrances, but rounded off nicely with some new stuff. Unfortunately fir, not being one of them. As big coniferous/green fan, I wanted to smell this note, but I can't. A lot of patchouli in the middle, and amber in the base. There's a lot of other notes in here that aren't listed, tons of different spices, cinnamon, and coriander for sure. There's a nice rose note too.

This fragrance is very "thick" from opening to finish. It's a labeled edp that actually performs like one. Although many EDP's don't have the projection that this one has. I would almost consider this an extrait, by the way it performs, reminding me of BR540 Extrait. Super strong, super potent, and super long lasting.

May take a few tries to understand what's going on, as it did for me. Due to it being so thick, it was difficult to grasp what I'm smelling. I like to know, mentally, what I'm smelling, a good accord just doesn't cut it for me, without knowing what it is.
22nd October 2020
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