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Park Avenue fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mimosa, lemon, chamomille
  • Heart

    • paperwhite, rose
  • Base

    • musk, ebonywood, vanilla

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I'm not sure how this equates to the listed notes, but on me, this starts as a violet perfume. Bright, shiny, sparkling violets with raspberry and cherry on top - what I'd call a "lipstick" violet.

Given hours, it melts into a nice, fruity rose, supported by what I'm guessing is a pinch of clove and patchouli, while the violet lingers on as a sugary brightness. Meanwhile, there's a subtle touch of bubblegum, which I assume is coming from jasmine.

Generally speaking, I prefer my rose perfumes less sweet and fruity, but the mix of violets and fruit that are sweetening the rose here are really well executed, so I'm voting thumbs up!
23rd June 2022
I do love this fragrance for hot summer afternoons & evenings. It has that magic summer feeling about it.

Thumbs up!
27th July 2021

Reminds me a lot of Bulgari Pour Femme, not a bad scent at all, but just kind of over priced. It is long lasting, but there are other scents out there that stand out for less money. Feminine and floral with a hint of musk, not too spicy. Not bad, but not worth the price
5th December 2008
When I dabbed this on, I was expecting a classy mix of white flowers with perhaps a touch of fizzy champagne. Instead, “Park Ave.” smells just like “Body on Tap Shampoo”, that classic beer shampoo from the 1970's. Lasts about an hour on the skin.
22nd April 2008
I'm sort of in-between SHYCAT & TOVAH on this one...yes, the lemon/camomille combination come off as 'tea' for sure.I don't personally care for the blend of notes here, but I love TOVAH's personal anecdote! (And her description of Park Ave. makes me want to love this scent!) But at the end of the day, I just don't care for it very much at all.My chemistry is in conflict with PA. Maybe it's the rose, or even the paperwhite...but something's off kilter.
23rd December 2007
I LOVE Park Avenue. I sampled it at the Bond counter at Saks last Saturday, and then sampled it again, and then again...and finally I had to admit this fragrance had completely captured my heart. I purchased it on the spot. Park Avenue is an elegant, perfectly lovely, hypnotic balance of fresh blossoms on a subtle vanilla base. I sense what I call a "tea" note, but that's probably my personal reaction to the chamomile. Park Avenue has the rare, and extremely desirable trait of smelling "alive". It has great lasting power, and satisfying sillage. I adore it. Park Avenue is special to me for another reason: it was the catalyst of one of those serendipitous, surreal life occurences that seem to be impossible, statistically. At the Bond counter, another woman was bewitched by Park Avenue just as I was. We sniffed, and oohed and ahhhed to each other for about 20 minutes. We each decided to purchase a bottle at the same time. While the SA was ringing up our purchases (and overloading us with samples), we began a converstation. After several minutes, we were simultaneously stunned into silence as we...recognized each other. It turns out she's an old dear friend with whom I used to communicate via another fragrance board; several years ago. We'd never met in person, but we'd always wanted to. A tragedy in my life took me away from my fragrance hobby for awhile, and, unfortunately over the years, I'd lost touch with this friend. Yet, across time and space, there we were on Saturday - buying a Bond and reviving a bond! Yet another amazing Perfume Moment. So...Park Avenue is lovely, and if you like to smell like a new garden on a balmy day, this one's for you.
12th March 2007
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