Paris Roses Enchantées 
Yves Saint Laurent (2005)


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Paris Roses Enchantées by Yves Saint Laurent

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Paris Roses Enchantées is a women's perfume launched in 2005 by Yves Saint Laurent

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Reviews of Paris Roses Enchantées by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 4 reviews of Paris Roses Enchantées by Yves Saint Laurent.

My second favorite of Paris Springtime. It opens with violet which I like but again, along with my other Paris review I repeat, they dry down very very similar almost identical. I still like my Paris Bois de Roses the best. It is just more springtime with fresh roses.

I actually prefer this to regular Paris, (which I also love), but this one has a freshness to it and something that takes out the "bite" of the original Paris which tends to sting the nose a bit. Perhaps the rose rounds this out better and makes it not only softer, but tolerable. If you want to like Paris but something about it turns you off, try this one.

Fresh as the other limited Paris eds, now with a presence of different, more varied colored roses of the "light orange hue" family and others. It has a very light fruity note to it too. A very "happy" scent.

Enchantees is my favorite of the Paris Premiere line. It's similar to the original Paris and the sparkling, bright quality can't be missed. Enchantees is much fresher though, and very clean (not soapy!). As it develops it smells like an outdoor garden, including the scent of fresh grass, and it's not as "perfumey" as original Paris (which I love). In Enchantees,the orange blossom mixes beautifully with the rose, and it smells less and less like original Paris, and more and more like Rosine Rosa Flamenca while developing on my skin. There are very subtle, but noticeable notes of warm lilac that give the fragrance as a whole a feeling of a breeze catching the scent of fresh flowers. It's appropriately named, too. If I had an enchanted garden I would want it to smell like this!

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