Reviews of Paris-Paris by Chanel

When I asked to try this at Chanel the lady said "rose. Only rose."

She was sorta right. It's heavy on the rose - but this isn't your typical Chanel rose. It smells bright and a bit synthetic to start. The patchouli-musk accord that follows smells equally synthetic, but it's a well thought-out contrast to the rose. The longer you wear it, the more it will remind you of a particularly popular men's scent that's heavy on vetiver (or rather, that particular perfumer's version of vetiver.)

This doesn't have that Chanel touch (ie - that powdery, expensive iris). But it's still, frankly, a nice perfume that I happen to enjoy.

Currently $189 CAD for the large bottle, which you'd want, as this is hardly a power-house. They also recently added a 50ml option for a slightly less, but still insultingly-high price. Not convinced it's worth it, but to each their own.

Very chic bottle, as one would expect from Chanel.
19th July 2023
Opening citrus and peppery notes mellow out and subdue what would otherwise be an overwhelming rose fragrance, and this will likely be wearable to wide spectrum of the population, irrespective of sex and gender.

The best rose scent that I've tried. This one really snuck up on me.

Sillage is minimal, but longevity is decent, for a fragrance of this type.
2nd June 2023