Paris for Men fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, mandarin, bergamot, red orange, watermelon
  • Heart

    • lavender, ginger, violet, calone
  • Base

    • vetiver, cedar, cashmeran, moss

Latest Reviews of Paris for Men

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Nice, but mislabeled.
Eau de Bath and Body Works
Paris, Ohio
6th December 2017
Lots of melon and citrus up front, then dries down to a generic fresh, "blue" smell. Not offensive but could get cloying if over-sprayed. Average longevity, maybe 4-5 hours, above average projection.
27th December 2016

An under-rated gem in the fragrance community for sure. Especially coming from the Bath and Body works where all there scents smell good but are only ordinary and sometimes can smell cheap.

Paris for Men however to me is the standout in the Bath and Bodyworks fragrance line. Yes, its a sporty smelling,citrusy fragrance but 1 thats done better than most.

It starts out smelling very citrusy and somewhat fruity but then warms up in the heart where it retains the citrus notes, but then when the florals kick in this really shines as it then takes on a very smooth,pleasant,slightly sweet,aromatic scent that will have you smelling your arm all day.

This is going to sound strange but it smells like Orange Tic Tacs mixed with a fresh ocean

Ive only worn this a few times but the times Ive worn it its gotten really positive feedback.

HAHA, I remember I applied this and then went out walking and when I was at the crosswalk a group of people were sniffing and asking what that good smell was.

This scent does very well in the heat and is also great for casual use and/or the gym as well.

Performance on this is average... It lasts on me about 3-6 hours but 6-10 if I spray on my shirt.

Projection is better than I thought initially. At first I thought since it was a light scent it wouldnt project much but only a few sprays will get you noticed for sure.

Overall id rate this a 7.5 out of 10!

1 of my favorites as far as scents go as its very pleasant and in the sporty,citrus category but its still unique and stands out from the rest in that genre. Also this has average longevity and above average projection and for the price you cant go wrong at all !
3rd September 2015