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Deauville, a seaside resort on the Normandy coast, was where Gabrielle Chanel chose to set up shop in the Spring of 1912.  For this fragrance, perfumer Olivier Polge aimed to convey the feeling of ‘a promise of a stroll through the tall grasses’ for urbanites who ‘dream of a weekend away in the country’. 

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Reviews of Paris-Deauville by Chanel

There are 6 reviews of Paris-Deauville by Chanel.

The perfect summer chypre. If you like chypres this one is perfect. It is a green scent that comes off slightly tarte in the beginning. The patchouli blends so nice with the green that it is a clean light chypre that dries down warm on the skin.
Jul 22, 2020

Oh, hell! Another surprisingly good Chanel, that makes me want more!...

The orange rind is captured marvelously here. Petitgrain, is always a favorite note. Just enough basil for interest. Fresh. Crisp. Cool energy.

The rose and jasmine play off of each other very well. Neither note overwhelms the other. Patchouli moves in, fairly quick, adding a resinous tinge. Enjoyable, for hours. Big thumbs up!
Oct 13, 2019

I really enjoy the rose, jasmine and pettigrain notes on P-D. Very pleasant, hard to hate this one. The patchouli dry down isn't overwhelming and over all a nice light Eaux from Polge. This one is silkier and smoother.
Jan 6, 2019

This is quite a bit better than Paris-Biarritz, which I gave a neutral, which was arguably generous. This is an interesting new feminine fragrance from Chanel. I could imagine buying this as a gift for the woman I'm dating.

On paper, a jasmine-rose-patchouli fragrance from Chanel is irresistible, and in practice it largely delivers.

I have no problem with the smell up close. The 4160 Tuesdays line does a lot with floral patchoulis, and this reminds me somewhat of those.
Nov 21, 2018

Powdery citrus with a sour green undertone and a level of richness not usually found in the genre thanks to a subtle skeleton of flowers and patchouli. There's an artificiality to Deauville that makes it my least favorite of the three Chanel Paris colognes - while it's perfumey and pretty, it also kind of smells like dish soap or some sort of bathroom cleaner. As MrsDalloway says in her review, I find I enjoy it much more if I don't sniff it closely.
Oct 31, 2018

This is rather nice. You don't want to glue your nose to your wrist during the first 45 mins, or it smells like an Atelier Cologne, but the waft in the air is more interesting and subtle.
Jun 30, 2018

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