parfums*PARFUMS series 8 Energy C: Grapefruit fragrance notes

    • Blackcurrant Bud, Pink Grapefruit, Petitgrain, Jasmine, Yellow Mandarin, Neroli, Musk, Tree Moss, Iris

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The most vivid grapefruit/mandarin concoction.
Alas, the most synthetic too.

23rd March 2014
I get no grapefruit at all from this, even in the top note. The predominant note is mandarin orange... well, more like mandarin orange juice or sweetened grapefruit pulp with no hint of peel. It quickly morphs into a rather generic fruity/floral fragrance - perfectly inoffensive, but having nothing to do with grapefruit.
25th October 2009

Grapefruit opens citrusy and within the first minutes gentle petit grain and neroli appear. Before half an hour has passed this fragrance bears no trace of citrus and progresses on a buttery and nutty path. I've smelt this before and believe it to be the same element that lies underneath M7 roll-on deodorant stick, Haitian vetiver. For those that have only smelt M7 juice I say that ‘to me' the deo-stick is not the same. It has none of the cough syrup accord and has a strong buttery, nutty character. Though it's not as strong as I'd like, Grapefruit's lasting power isn't bad, and satisfies me enough to buy it.Grapefruit is not at all what I expected, and what did I expect.... well grapefruit for a start! To be honest that doesn't bother me as I thoroughly enjoyed it.
14th September 2009
Grapefruit, grapefruit, grapefruit. This is the most perfect recreation of the mouth-wateringly tart freshness of, yes, a grapefruit. Hello summer! It's hard to believe a spritz of this doesn't count as one of your five fruit & veg a day.
29th September 2008
I never actively seek citrus type scents...citrus top notes seem prominent in too many frags, I don't usually find anything special about them...usually! Until now. Comme des Garcons has created an AMAZINGLY good citrus frag here! I clearly smell grapefruit, right from the opening. Juice from the pulp, oils from the peel, lively & bright - absolutely fresh! Appropriately named, it is energizing too! It evolves into tangy brightness, with delicate florals and tinge of greens to adhere to the skin. I am enamored with this citrus, and feel a purchase coming on!!!
16th September 2008
Energy C Grapefruit includes notes of blackcurrant buds, pink grapefruit, petit grain, jasmine, neroli, yellow madarin, tree moss and iris. Grapefuit funnily won't smell like grapefuit itself:The mandarine is the main note here, just as if you are you peel off one. Then comes the petitgrain, not overly sweet, it's enjoyable, airy and soft like a summer brezze.It dries down in a ghostly accent of iris flower that melts with the mandarine and the neroli.Can't detect any grapefruit still.
7th May 2008